The Story Behind the Book The LifeQuake Phenomenon


I have often been asked in interviews on the book tour for The LifeQuake Phenomenon how I came to write this book. The story behind it is quite dramatic but more than an actual book, the twenty year journey behind it not only radically changed me but called me to my mission. If you are floundering right now as to what your life purpose is, begin to notice what drives you. What over the course of your life have you been most inspired or passionate about? You may find your life’s most passionate moments form a theme.

Long before my LifeQuake journey began, in my second job out of college, I was hired to teach students, women’s groups, nurses, etc. tips on how to negotiate the world that would assist in preventing sexual assault. This idea of crisis prevention would follow me all my adult years even when I seemed to be unable to prevent massive crises in my own life.

If you are in career transition or confusion right now, take some time to notice what do you care about? Is it rescuing animals from lab testing, providing resources for the homeless, or simply getting behind advocacy on issues you care about.

The holidays can be a great time to not just volunteer but discover what is your driving desire that has nothing to do with a sale at Bloomingdale’s or having the perfect Norman Rockwell Thanksgiving or Christmas.

For me, when I lose touch with what I am truly passionate about, food becomes a great lure. You may find that you too have addictions you turn to when you’re bored, frustrated, or depressed.

If you are experiencing economic contraction or loneliness once again this holiday season, the best way to stay out of the “lack conversation” is to sit quietly and ride the wave of your feelings. Where are they stuck in your body? If you stay with it and not go to outer distractions, it will dissolve more quickly.

Once you release the anxiety or depression, take 15 minutes a day to sit quietly and ask the question, ” What is the opportunity that this time alone or career challenge is presenting, what am I being called to do now that I wouldn’t have considered if I were still in that job or relationship?” You may find that as you go about your day, the answer will show up in what you care about or an opportunity may come in that is a step in the reinvention process. I am including here a link to my latest blog that was an interview done with me on my journey to finding my mission and ultimately writing a book. http://www.lifequake.net/2009/11/20/the-lifequake-phenomenon-interviewed-on-fascinating-authors

The holidays can be more than great food and an exchange of gifts. Mindfulness can offer the greatest gift of all: your next life purpose. Happy Thanksgiving!

Dr. Toni Galardi
“The LifeQuake Doctor”

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