7 Steps For Dealing With the Current Economic Disaster

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7 Steps For Dealing With the Current Economic Disaster
By Toni Galardi, Ph.D.

Americans alike are struggling with the current economic disaster. No one group of people is immune to the financial woes this country is currently facing.

Dr. Toni Galardi, better recognized as The LifeQuake™ Doctor, has been consulting her clients on how to cope with these massive multilayered changes since this domino effect began infiltrating our economy. She developed a seven-stage model for preparing for economic insecurity and loss to be used as a tool for creating positive change in tough times. This model has helped thousands of frustrated people reframe their financial and career anxiety as an opportunity for a personal rebirth.

1) Mastering the first stage of a LifeQuake™ requires developing the power of observation. Greed blinds people from seeing when a bull market is beginning its decline. Developing keen observation allows you to anticipate when the tide is turning in the market.

2) Take an inventory of what is now ‘DEFUNC-TIONAL’ and get rid of it. What aspects of your life are you spending money on that are no longer life giving?

3) Detach. What are you holding on to that could bring loss or crisis to your life? Let go of unneeded things before you are forced to.

4) After your life has gone through the radical change you feared, there is an opportunity to examine what security means to you. What beliefs do you hold about yourself that are being challenged by economic loss?

5) Design the new blueprint. We need to design our psyche so we have emotional retrofitting that helps us adapt to the rapid changes of 21st century. Create a lifestyle that has simplicity in both good and bad times.

6) Practice an attitude that every loss has opportunity within it. The people who became wealthy during The Great Depression practiced this by not buying into the cultural conversation and instead asked the question, what do people need now?

7) When we fear future loss in the middle of an economic crisis, stress can lower your immunity to illness. Create a vision, declare that you and those close to you are going to come out of this stronger, healthier, and happier people and then go out and make a change in the world through a random act of kindness.

Her new book, The LifeQuake™ Phenomenon, provides readers with The LifeQuake™ Questionnaire followed by the step-by-step body/mind/spirit information that accompanies all seven stages of the LifeQuake™ Model. Readers are given unique tools to help build a secure inner foundation for adapting to change moment to moment. Visit http://www.lifequake.net for additional LifeQuake™ information and to purchase the book.

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