How to Begin the New Year on January 6th Using Astrology

Much as we may wish to make a new beginning, some part of us resists
doing so as though we were making the first step toward disaster. 
William Throsby Bridges
I have been thinking a lot about how to share all that is coming with you so that what you feel is the excitement of change. For some reason, most people hear the word change, and they translate it to mean LOSS. And the truth is, when we choose one thing, we often must give up something
else. If we choose to become an entrepreneur and leave a job, we might
give up certain benefits paid by our employer, but we gain freedom.
If you choose to change one of your health habits, it might mean more
time and effort taken toward your body but you ultimately get more freedom in your mobility. If you choose a monogamous relationship, you
might give up other people options, but gain other kinds of freedom – like someone to do the grocery shopping while you are on a deadline, etc. So, at this time of year, it is good to reflect on “what do I really, really value
as I make new goals for 2019?” Clearly, as you can see, freedom is one of
those values for me. What do you value the most? Is your lifestyle aligned with your values?
We often think of Jan 1st as the day to write out your resolutions or goals. Well, if you haven’t done that yet, the good news is that the NEW YEAR
hasn’t begun yet, really. 
Right now, we have entered what is called the dark of the moon – the five days before a new moon. Moreover, this new moon is a solar eclipse in
Capricorn. Those born between Jan 1-10th will really experience a
rebirth this year. As will those born July 2-Jul 12th. I will talk about the
lunar eclipse on Jan 20 in my next newsletter and who will be affected by that one. However, we are ALL making a giant leap in our evolution this year… with help from our Sun and the core of Mother Earth. More on this below.
Also, on the same day as the solar eclipse, Uranus, the lightning bolt planet/ great awakener goes direct for the last time in Aries. Uranus has been
in Aries for 7 years and will enter the money sign, Taurus in March.
Uranus in Taurus ( every 84 years) has historically created financial
upheaval. More on that later…
If you are reading this on January 2nd, do as little as possible, decision
wise until Sunday, Jan 6th. The Sun has brought into planet Earth on the
very last day of 2018 New Year’s Eve, a corridor of light so intense that it will impact the core of Mother Earth. This is meant to be an anchor to
stabilize the magnificent portal of light that is now creating a pulsation in our planet’s core, so that we may truly embody fifth dimension reality
and be in true alignment with the rest of the universe. In my book,
The LifeQuake Phenomenon, I shared with my readers that we are
mirrors for Mother Earth and your core ( your soul) is calling you to
shake off layers of faulty programming from the culture’s matrix and
allow the authenticity of your soul to direct your life.Your LifeQuake this year can be merely your soul accelerating to the next level of its
evolution, EFFORTLESSLY.
If you practice in your meditation, the sun’s corridor of light entering
your heart’s cells, what is available is rapid evolution without resistance. Those who are resisting making whatever authentic changes they need to make, will also receive this light but it will be fraught with external crisis from the transmutation taking place.
We are in an energy adjustment right now. I cannot emphasize this enough… Allow the integration of what is pouring onto the planet to take hold
through spending as much time in slow motion and contemplation, the
next few days as possible.
Here is an exercise from a friend of mine, Marci Shimoff that can help to prepare for this new cycle:
Here’s the ritual:On New Year’s Day (or anytime in the first few days of
the year), take out a piece of paper and write a list of everything that you want to let go of from 2019. These can include habits, behaviors, limiting beliefs, fears, physical conditions, feelings of resentment, conflicts, or
thoughts that don’t serve you. Then thank all those items on that list for
having been with you and for all the lessons learned and ways you grew
from them. Next make a clear statement of letting go such as: I now let go of all these things and anything else that no longer serves me and my
miraculous life as I step into a glorious 2019.Then gather around a fire in a fireplace and throw the paper in to be burned. If you don’t have a
fireplace, you can CAREFULLY burn it in a large stainless steel bowl. Then speak out loud everything you’re grateful for from the past year — the joys, celebrations, accomplishments, lessons learned, and “growth”
experiences. Offer those into the fire to be amplified. And now it’s time to call in what you’d like to bring forward in 2019—so speak out loud everything that you welcome into your vision of the New Year—the intentions, beliefs, behaviors, relationships and everything else that you will
embrace. Offer those into the fire to ignite the new.

After the eclipse takes hold on Sunday, take deliberate action. There are
no retrograde planets until Mercury goes retro in March so this is the
time to go for your dreams and if you aren’t clear what they are, apply
for my Master class in Activating Your 2019 New Dream into Reality.
In February 2019 after the Chinese New Year, I am beginning a class on
Zoom that will be just myself and 7 people who are ready for a big life
change in 2019. This class will be highly interactive. I recognize that
although I have been privileged to facilitate one on one with many
amazing “evolution seekers”, it is costly for some to work with me
privately. I have decided to start a semi-private class that will meet once a month for 9 months. This group is meant to be for people who are ready to take a giant leap in the last year of this decade so that we can enter the second decade of the 21stcentury really living our most authentic, joyous
Each program will be two hours so that there will be time to take you
through some fun and liberating inner, guided activations as well as time for you to work with me one on one in the group. Everyone benefits from the clearings I do with each person. The classes will be recorded so if you are not able to be with us in linear time, you will still benefit from the
healing transmissions I activate in everyone wherever they are, because
the group will create a powerful matrix of healing both for ourselves and the planet. I will also be giving some astrological information to each
person to guide their goals for 2019. 
If this speaks to you, contact me through  drtoni@drtonigalardi.com
Interviews begin Jan 7th. 
I hope this new year is a great time for your next great adventure!

With great love and affection,
Dr. Toni

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