Autumn: Season of Change or Is It?

  When Barack Obama got elected as our president, everyone was expecting great change to come to America and I said then, it would depend on us as a mass consciousness, not one man or his administration or even a democratic congress.…READ MORE

Meditation as a change management tool

I notice that on mornings that I don’t start the day with meditation, my thinking process is so much more rigid. It seems to be like dominos.  If I jump out of bed and begin by moving fast, it revs my nervous system.…READ MORE

Obama and FDR

Connections have been made between the challenges facing this administration and that of Roosevelt’s because many think another Depression is imminent and that the stimulus package is another New Deal of sorts. The state of our economic affairs is quite different than in the 1930’s, mostly because we are now a global economy.…READ MORE

Post-election anxiety

It is 73 days until the inauguration. What I find interesting about this election is that the key concept that both candidates campaigned on was who was going to bring change to America and yet we are a country that, for the most part, fears change.…READ MORE

US Presidential Election 2008

Tomorrow I will be traveling 125 miles to vote. I have been on a kind of self-imposed sabbatical the past six months so that I could finish editing my book The LifeQuake Phenomenon: Your Definitive Roadmap Through Seismic Change, which is on its way to my publisher as I write this.…READ MORE