My Personal LifeQuake Journey

I have often been asked to summarize my own personal journey that led to writing The LifeQuake Phenomenon. Although most of it is revealed in the pages of this book, I decided to share just my story here in my blog.…READ MORE

Ask the LifeQuake Doctor Advice Column

  LifeQuake™ Ask the LifeQuake™ Doctor Dr. Toni Galardi Dear Dr. Toni: I am an entrepreneur who was doing quite well in my business until last year. I know I need to give up the freedom I’ve had in my career and get a job, but every time I think of letting go of my business, I get a panic attack.…READ MORE

Adapting to Sudden Upsets: Today, your life, tomorrow, the world

See the products page for the whole CD. Implied in the words “stress management” is the idea that the key to calm is controlling your stress. As an advocate of prevention, I know that the key to managing stress is having the ability to handle whatever is being thrown at you – to say yes to sudden change.…READ MORE

Is the Internet making us all a little ADD?

  I would hate to be a kid today. There is a GREAT article I read on kids and depression and how it is being masked by overuse of social communities. http://www.newsday.com/news/opinion/ny-opmcd0712679046may06,0,4832350. There is so much pressure on them to perform.…READ MORE

Super Bug, MRSA, Swine Flu: Tips for Prevention

  We are living in amazing times. Crisis driven, economically challenged, and now epidemic threats are all around us. And yet, it is possible to be healthier, wealthier, and more psychologically agile than ever before. You probably think I’m crazy for saying this but here is why.…READ MORE