Change Management Astrology for This Week

Four Astrological Tips For Managing Change This Week   What an in between time this week is! We all should be roaring to go now that Labor Day is behind us and yet … the ambition, drive, and even vision is still blurry…   Here’s why: Several planets are moving out of retro.…READ MORE

The Best Time to Make a Career Change

Career Changes When You’re in Transition As a career coach and futurist, people often come to me when they are confused about what kind of career move they should make and when to make it.  They often want a simple, quick, one size fits all answer.…READ MORE

Using Dreams to Interpret Change – Part V

When I was a college instructor for psychology majors, I taught an entire semester on the Jungian approach to dream interpretation, so distilling this into a few paragraphs is an interesting challenge. My favorite use of dreams involves using them to prepare for life changes.…READ MORE