Changing the Face of Illness

When people are diagnosed with a catastrophic illness, people rally around to support…in the acute stage. However, if that illness cannot be cured with a round of chemo and radiation it is difficult for most people to be supportive for years when the illness becomes chronic and debilitative.…READ MORE

Five Tips for Turning Valentine’s Day into a LifeQuake Day

By definition, a LifeQuake involves cracking open outdated beliefs and programs so that the organism can be authentically real. This relates to individuals, organizations, a society, and yes, even a holiday. I propose we crack open Valentine’s day and expand out of this notion that it belongs to lovers.…READ MORE

Ask the LifeQuake Doctor

A LifeQuakian Take on “True Love” on Valentine’s Day   Dear Dr. Toni: Well, I survived the Christmas holidays as the only person at my family’s gathering who is single. If I can get through Valentine’s Day without the impulse to slit my wrists (that was a joke, I’m not suicidal), I can accept the fact that I am considered a second-class citizen as a single woman over forty.…READ MORE