Change Management Astrology for This Week

Four Astrological Tips For Managing Change This Week   What an in between time this week is! We all should be roaring to go now that Labor Day is behind us and yet … the ambition, drive, and even vision is still blurry…   Here’s why: Several planets are moving out of retro.…READ MORE

Spiritual Anorexia or An Eating Disorder?

Ask the LifeQuake Doctor – Counselor Magazine Dear Dr. Galardi, I have been a recovering alcoholic for ten years, although food has never been one of my drugs of choice. I eat healthy foods. I began meditating about a year ago.…READ MORE

Ask the LifeQuake Doctor June Column

  “Ask The LifeQuake Doctor” – Vision Magazine June 2009 issue Dear Dr. Toni: I have an upper management job in a great company and am experiencing “survivor guilt”. So many of my friends have been laid off from their jobs.…READ MORE

Super Bug, MRSA, Swine Flu: Tips for Prevention

  We are living in amazing times. Crisis driven, economically challenged, and now epidemic threats are all around us. And yet, it is possible to be healthier, wealthier, and more psychologically agile than ever before. You probably think I’m crazy for saying this but here is why.…READ MORE

Meditation as a change management tool

I notice that on mornings that I don’t start the day with meditation, my thinking process is so much more rigid. It seems to be like dominos.  If I jump out of bed and begin by moving fast, it revs my nervous system.…READ MORE