Change Management Astrology for This Week

Four Astrological Tips For Managing Change This Week   What an in between time this week is! We all should be roaring to go now that Labor Day is behind us and yet … the ambition, drive, and even vision is still blurry…   Here’s why: Several planets are moving out of retro.…READ MORE

Change Management in my Third Act Career

Ask the LifeQuake Doctor/Sep-Oct Counselor Magazine   Dear Dr. Toni: I am not an addict so this may not be your typical letter asking for advice. My wife, however, is a newly licensed psychotherapist who carries this magazine in her office.…READ MORE

Ask the LifeQuake Doctor Advice Column

  LifeQuake™ Ask the LifeQuake™ Doctor Dr. Toni Galardi Dear Dr. Toni: I am an entrepreneur who was doing quite well in my business until last year. I know I need to give up the freedom I’ve had in my career and get a job, but every time I think of letting go of my business, I get a panic attack.…READ MORE

Interview by Betty Confidential

Moms Who Drink: Why and When It’s Time to Put Down the Glass Dr. Toni Galardi weighs in on the trend -Julie Ryan Evans As part of our series on Mommy Medicine, we asked Dr. Toni Galardi, a licensed psychotherapist, to give us more insight and a professional opinion as to why so many mothers today seem to be embracing alcohol.…READ MORE

Changing Careers in a Bad Economy

  Conventional wisdom and the media would have you believe that if you have a job, thank your lucky stars and don’t even think about leaving it. In previous blogs, I have been giving stress management techniques for handling a crisis driven workplace and they will work to get you calmer and perhaps even help you to turn within instead of to the office muffins or donuts.…READ MORE

Adapting to Sudden Upsets: Today, your life, tomorrow, the world

See the products page for the whole CD. Implied in the words “stress management” is the idea that the key to calm is controlling your stress. As an advocate of prevention, I know that the key to managing stress is having the ability to handle whatever is being thrown at you – to say yes to sudden change.…READ MORE

Is the Internet making us all a little ADD?

  I would hate to be a kid today. There is a GREAT article I read on kids and depression and how it is being masked by overuse of social communities. http://www.newsday.com/news/opinion/ny-opmcd0712679046may06,0,4832350. There is so much pressure on them to perform.…READ MORE