Using Dreams to Interpret Change – Part V

When I was a college instructor for psychology majors, I taught an entire semester on the Jungian approach to dream interpretation, so distilling this into a few paragraphs is an interesting challenge. My favorite use of dreams involves using them to prepare for life changes.…READ MORE

Preparing for Change – Part IV

Factually speaking, we’re in the last days of winter.  The spring equinox officially begins in the western hemisphere at 4:44 AM PDT Mar 20. However, when I listen to people in my private practice and community, I sense that Spring is going to be delayed this year so I am continuing in this blog to give you tools for what to do in your own personal “winter of discontent”.…READ MORE

Saying Goodbye to an Old Life

In part two of this series on preparing for change I gave you a tool for observing your life and beginning to acknowledge that a cycle of life is ending. In the Mar 8th blog, I instructed you to keep tabs of what interests you now as a contrast to what has become stale, boring, and not life giving.…READ MORE

Connecting the Dots

In yesterday’s blog I gave a technique that can assist you in preparing for change. Transforming the misperception that change means loss is the first step in recognizing when it is time to make a change. Once you have changed this core belief into one that allows you to embrace change as gain, you can then proceed to step 2.…READ MORE

How to prepare for change

Yesterday I was interviewed by a news anchor and was asked the question, “How do you prepare for change if you don’t know change is coming?” I pondered this question (not because I didn’t have an answer), but because I had so many answers that I didn’t know how to put them in a single sound bite for TV.…READ MORE

Marriage Effects of Economic Crisis

There has been a lot of press coverage on couples staying together for economic reasons that were planning to divorce prior to the recession,  including Anderson Cooper’s piece on CNN.  I even received a call from New York Times reporter on this subject.…READ MORE

Ask the LifeQuake Doctor

Spring is coming. A time when Mother Nature shows us how everything frozen and austere in our lives eventually changes. Although for many, this winter has brought more than just severe climate conditions, it takes a real leap of faith to believe that Spring will come economically and professionally too.…READ MORE

Coach, Consultant, Psychotherapist? Or simply Change Agent?

I hate networking groups. I’m one of those who can easily get up in front of a room full of people and speak for a whole day on a topic. I shine on camera and love radio interviews, but put me in a room where I have to tell you from my chair inside the room in 30 seconds what I do as a therapist and I start to shake, literally. …READ MORE

HOW TO: Deal with Family Stress

There is no doubt that we are in challenging times. Being a good parent requires so much more of the typical American mom and dad than in any other previous generation. With both parents working at some point in a child’s life in most households, there is a lot to juggle.…READ MORE

Meditation as a change management tool

I notice that on mornings that I don’t start the day with meditation, my thinking process is so much more rigid. It seems to be like dominos.  If I jump out of bed and begin by moving fast, it revs my nervous system.…READ MORE