How to Thrive in Tough Economic Times

What’s the solution to personal crisis during the recession?

    Nationwide; Job loss, divorce rate, foreclosure, catastrophic illnesses, climate disasters. These are all the heavy words that are drenching the airwaves and, at times, putting Americans into an even deeper depression. Many people are justifiably worried and have found themselves glued to media reports, desperate for the first sign of hope on the horizon. Dr. Toni Galardi, better recognized through her column and media appearances as the LifeQuake Doctor, has been advising her psychotherapy clients and audiences by the millions to reposition this crisis in their minds as an opportunity to recreate their lives and, as a result, become happier and more fulfilled.

    “My new book, The LifeQuake Phenomenon, is a means to navigate through this time of uncertainty. It is a comprehensive guide for recognizing the light while still in the tunnel,” says Dr. Galardi. “Historically, disasters and evolutionary change has led to the emergence of a more solid, functional new society. Currently the majority of the United States is in stage three of the seven stages of a LifeQuake – the crisis and upheaval stage. During stage three, the calling to wake up and let go of the former, no longer viable, habits and material things is underway. One must learn to adapt to change at an increasingly rapid rate.”

    Times of great economic transition have always been accompanied by addictions. The founding of AA took place during the Great Depression when alcoholism reached epidemic proportions. Now, the dawn of the Internet has set out a new slew of addictive habits in YouTube, MySpace and other mind-numbing and counter-productive distractions. These behaviors coupled with substance abuse, excessive cell phone usage, television and the adult industry are all through the roof as Americans use destructive coping mechanisms instead of exploring new, innovative opportunities to thrive.

    Dr. Galardi has employed her LifeQuake Model to issues ranging from spousal affairs to economic catastrophe to cancer diagnosis. Her creation of the LifeQuake Model recontextualizes any curve ball life may throw and provides a path of hope throughout the darkest of times. Most books that deal with coping with change after the crisis do not address or provide a technology for preparing for change so that you can actually avert catastrophe. What makes this change model unique is that it provide the tools for forecasting radical change and teaches the reader how to adapt to change through strengthening the body, mind, and spirit. Each stage of the model has techniques and health advice for how to become the most physically, emotionally, and mentally agile person possible.

    The LifeQuake Phenomenon offers not only an escort through troubled periods, but also inspirational examples to illustrate the effects. LifeQuake ambassadors like Deborah Merlin, who used her son’s unfortunate ADHD condition as a catalyst to explore natural medicine and ultimately write a book to aid other parents, is a prime example of finding one’s true calling. For Diane Miller, an abusive marriage became her wake up call and vocation of destiny when she decided to take charge and become an integral part of getting new legislation passed on domestic abuse laws in California. Martin Rutte, author of Chicken Soup for the Soul at Work, went through stage two of his LifeQuake when he realized he was bored and uninspired in his work. Due to a strong sense of inner self, he was able to create a foundation that allowed him to easily prepare for a new destiny. Ben Johnson, one of the human potential leaders interviewed for The Secret, had become uninspired in his work as a holistic physician and the diagnosis of ALS led him to develop The Healing Codes and, ultimately, recover from a fatal illness. All of these LifeQuake case studies are available for media appearances alongside Dr. Galardi to demonstrate her model.

    Let Dr. Galardi and the LifeQuake Model illustrate the power of using hard times to reinvent ourselves. She is available for media interviews and speaking opportunities. She is truly an ambassador of hope and exemplifies The LifeQuake Phenomenon at its highest manifestation.

    Dr. Galardi is a public speaker, advice columnist, and author of The LifeQuake Phenomenon: How to Thrive (not just survive) in Times of Personal and Global Upheaval . 

    *About The LifeQuake Phenomenon

    Just as the planet experiences an earthquake when pressure builds from the core, complete with widening fissures and cracking foundations, what creates this seismic pressure in our bodies and psyches is our resistance to confronting an antiquated life. This resistance is composed of layers of faulty, inherited programs based in the belief that change means loss. The LifeQuake Phenomenon is your guide as you navigate through these ‘tectonic plates’ toward your personal awakening- an awakening into the authentic you that can ‘spin on the dime’ of rapid change.

    This book provides readers with the LifeQuake Questionnaire followed by the step-by-step body/mind/spirit information that accompanies all seven stages of the LifeQuake Model. Further, readers are given unique tools to help build a secure inner foundation for adapting to change moment to moment. An added bonus, Dr. Galardi provides references to a multitude of cutting edge resources and profiles twelve well – known LifeQuake pioneers who have successfully mastered this path of radical transition. The LifeQuake Phenomenon is the definitive guide for journeying through this uncharted, evolutionary territory of our personal and global LifeQuakes. For more information or to purchase The LifeQuake Phenomenon, visit www.LifeQuake.net.

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