“Ask the LifeQuake Doctor”, March issue

Vision Magazine

Spring is coming and with it will come some interesting astrological transits. We haven’s seen this kind of line up from the stars since the tumultuous era of major social movements in the 1960’s. It has been suggested by many futurists that we will see war again.  I urge you all to clean house internally of your own self – limiting beliefs that put you at war with yourself. What happens on a global level occurs within each of us first – and that is the good news – we can change the world from within!

Dear Dr. Toni:

I have been an entertainment executive for 10 years. I need to keep the details a bit obtuse. I have to be very discrete. I have been very successful at what I do, I know a lot of famous people, and I feel dead inside. I feel like I am phoning it in. I know I need to leave my job. I even know what I want to do. I want to be a writer. Lately I’ve been having dreams in which I’m flying and have wings on my back. I see this light above me and it is calling me and then I look down and I see the world in its suffering and I find myself starting to fall. I’ve also had a recurring dream about earthquakes. What is this about?

What should I do? I picked up this magazine while having coffee on impulse because I’m not a new-agey person and haven’t been religious for a long time.  So, my question is, should I quit my job? I have money to live on for a year but then what?

Confused, Wannabe Scribe

Dear Reader:

Dreams can give us very prescient information. We know now that there is no such thing as linear time – past, present, and future. When we are asleep, our mind is able to step out of this present reality and step into what we think of as the future.  In my practice as a change strategy coach, I have my clients begin from the first session keeping a pad of paper next to their beds. You are fortunate. Most people do not remember their dreams until they learn how to stimulate dream recall.

So, let’s look at this dream: You are flying with wings on your back. This may be symbolic of transcendence. As you look up, you see the light and it is CALLING YOU. When you look down, you start to fall as you see the part of the world that is suffering. If this were my dream, I would say that I am being called by my soul to express that in me that lifts me up, expresses my passion, makes me lighter.  Looking down is a metaphor for a perception of reality that focuses on the world’s lack.

There are many blessings in this world and when you are expressing your full potential self, you can see them. You don’t say how old you are but life is short. Pursue your dream and trust that you will be in the right place with the right people and right opportunities in a year. I would also suggest that this dream is saying that you are being called to develop the spiritual side of yourself. This is a dream about you evolving, transcending the negative ego that is telling you to hold onto false security.

Now, about your earthquake dreams. In my book The LifeQuake Phenomenon, I share that earthquakes are a metaphor for us. We came from Mother Earth and just like her, we also have layers around our core. These layers are made up of our  false programming. When the soul decides to emerge in a more authentic form, it puts pressure on these layers through the fault-lines just like in earthquakes and a crisis shows up in our lives that forces us to wake up. My sense is that your unconscious is warning you: If you do not take action and follow what you are being called to do next, you will bring in a crisis to assist your soul in its path.

Picking up this magazine was indeed a divine coincidence. I hope you pick it up again and read my response! I want to add one more thing and this is for all of us, many people are having earthquake and tsunami dreams these days. I do think we will see more earthquakes and that the east coast will experience them again as well. However, I think it is our mass consciousness that is in upheaval as we go through this next evolutionary transition and it is our consciousness that may affect earth changes. Remember, what we know from quantum physics, there is no separation between organisms, we are all one. When we make brave choices that express our authentic selves, the world thrives.

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