What to Do During Saturn Retrograde

Dr. Toni’s Tips for Staying Resilient in Accelerated Times
“We can each define ambition and progress for ourselves. The goal is to work toward a world where expectations are not set by the stereotypes that hold us back, but by our personal passion, talents and interests.”
– Sheryl Sandberg
So you thought that Mercury going direct was full steam ahead, did ya’? This is truly the year of the retrograde. This summer we will have 7 planets moving us all to go inward and become aligned with our soul’s greatest intentions.
In both Western and Vedic astrology, Saturn is the planet of all planets in our galaxy that is most feared because it is considered the karmic planet. It shows us where we need to  put in the most effort to correct challenges we failed at or tried to do short cuts around. It can be perceived as bringing harsh lessons but if we give Saturn (the father archetype) his due, he brings great rewards, wherever we put in the elbow grease.
I think there is something about Saturn going retrograde just as Mercury went direct that is telling and informative. Mercury asks us to look at our thoughts and go back over previous communications without making new commitments when it is retrograde. Saturn, because it rules our karmic patterns will bring back issues from the past that we didn’t handle well. It also shows us where we are undisciplined and need to apply better work or health habits. It can show us where we are flaky or fickle in our relationships or lazy about documenting our financial expenditures, for example. It all depends on what house in your chart it is retrograding through over the next five months and planets it will aspect. Saturn is also in its home sign of Capricorn until 2020 so we are definitely being called to grow up both personally and globally, for the sake of our dear planet.
Saturn rules adulthood and maturity as well as the career house. Over the next five months approximately, if you meet the challenges that you are asked to confront with acceptance and humility, Saturn brings gifts and help with your heart’s desires… eventually.
Because none of us know just exactly what karma we have accrued in past lives, predicting when it will deliver the goodies is difficult to assess, although, a great transit from Jupiter to your chart after it goes direct in September can certainly help that taskmaster Saturn open his tight fisted little grip!
Here are some tips on how to get the old man to lend you a hand, so to speak.
How to Thrive During This Saturn Retro
Certain Indian mantras can have powerful effects on one’s emotional and energetic vibration and as the saying goes, ‘burn karma”.
This mantra is dedicated to “treating Saturn effects”:
Om Shanicharaya Namaha. Pronounced:
Ohm shah-nee-shah-RAH-yah NAH-mah-hah
It is said by Vedic sages to bring you into alignment with Saturn’s blessings. Now repeat it 108 times. Yep! Repetition and discipline transmute the blockages.
If you know what house Capricorn resides in at 2-9 degrees is in your chart, revisit that area (ie. family, work, health, relationships, money, etc) and reflect on where you may be out of alignment with your soul. Be honest.
Practice humility. Pay attention to where you can do selfless acts without getting any credit for it, necessarily.
Be steadfast and lean into where you resist being disciplined and apply more effort.
Pay attention to where life is bringing ease and ask your Higher Self for assistance in tasks that normally feel effortful.
When I asked my Higher Self to make my trip to Trader Joes at lunchtime easy, (yes, I was crazy enough to go at that time), it was magical. I got a parking spot right up front, the isles were not crowded, and there was no line to the cashier. And this was all on the first day of the Saturn retrograde.
Now, if I can just use this for getting thy self to the gym!
Ohm shah-nee-shah-RAH-yah NAH-mah-hah, Baby!
Saturn retrogrades are a great time to work on career projects or explore career transition since Saturn rules the career house. I am offering career repurposing packages throughout the Saturn retrograde.
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From my heart to yours,
Dr. Toni