Solar eclipse in Leo Healing Fear Newsletter and Recording

Wow! What intense energy has been coming through everyone’s lives lately, no? Yesterday, we began the next and final solar eclipse for the year in the sign of Leo. For the next few days, we are in the power of a super new moon energy. This is a good week for starting new projects. If you can wait util next week, even better when Mercury goes direct.
If you haven’t set your intention yet for the next five months, here is another opportunity attached here through the replay of the solar eclipse healing transmission that I co-led with Daniela Carraro, a very gifted Qi Gong teacher and healer. We began weaving the intentions of everyone who participated days in advance right up to the program.
Even if you participated, I invite you to listen to it again and feel a deeper restructuring of your body/mind/spirit. Due to technical glitches, we had to re-record the opening and closing ( thank you Mercury!). The deep hypnotic state this recording produces will allow you to put clear, deeply relaxed, unblocked enthusiasm behind your intentions.
Please make sure you have a glass of water and something to write on and with (along with your written out intentions for the rest of the year).
There will be an opportunity during Daniela’s healing transmission to speak your intention out loud so please listen to this when you are in a quiet place and can be alone without phones or computer going.
On some people’s computer, the replay will give you a choice of apps, click on Music player for Google Drive. There is a little arrow at top on my iPhone that you click on after clicking on the link below and then it immediately takes you there.
We are launching a new program that includes this recording as the first, which is our gift to you. You are invited to further participate In a once a month tune up on the new moon for the next five months that will include the first Solar Eclipse of the new year on Jan.6th, 2019.
As every new moon is a new cycle for beginning new intentions, you will have two hours with us each month where you will have an opportunity to ask questions and/or share your intentions with the group support each month to help you launch a solid yet agile foundation as you move into the “rock and roll year of 2019” which really begins on January 6, not January 1st, astrologically speaking.
We have an early bird discount of $197 for the entire 10 hours with two powerful Italian healers. Heh, my mission is change mastery, Italian style so you get to experience two blonde Italian teachers for the price of one! This price is only good until Monday, Aug 20. The price will go up to $247 until Aug 27 and for anyone signing up after that until Sep 9th, the day of the next new moon, the cost will be $297. Although we are so gratified that we had such a big response to this program yesterday, we really want a select group of people to get personal support from us for manifesting miracles this year. The participants in this program are people who are committed to having a breakthrough, so we are limiting the number to 30 people total.
Although these will also be available on replay, (no more new moons during a mercury retrograde, yea!), here are the new moon dates: Sunday, Sep 9th 7:00 PM, PDT Monday October 8th at 7:30 PM, PDT, Wed. Nov 7th 7:00 PM PST, Friday Dec 7, 9:00 AM, PST, and the next Solar Eclipse, Sunday January 6, 9:00 AM, PST 2019.
The next new moon program on Sep 9th will begin just a few days after Saturn goes direct. I have been advising my clients to work with the Saturn retrograde on where your internal blocks to success live now. I will be teaching you how to use rather than be abused by Saturn (rules the father archetype in each of us, how do we provide and protect ourselves, as well as, our mission and purpose in life) for achieving your deepest dreams tangibly. Daniela will then give us a healing transmission for releasing the karmic barriers that Saturn extends in our soul blueprint and you will have an opportunity to verbalize to the group and the world your intentions for that month.
To get the early bird discount and save $100, go to drtonigalardi.com/products and scan down to bottom of page to pay on Activating Miracles on the New Moon Series.
I am also extending to anyone reaching out to me from this newsletter, a full soul blueprint reading or 90 min healing session with me for $300 (normally $400), until the end of August.
Here is my complimentary gift to you. May it heal you in the best possible way!
Remember, if you are listening on your computer, click on the open arrow to access Google Drive.
The last healing can be listened to over and over for deeper transmutation.
Con Molto Amore,

Dr. Toni

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