Accessing the Divine Masculine for Successful Change Management Strategy

A masculinity centered in death/rebirth is emerging as each of us listens
to the call of his or her own song. The willingness to move forward
playing those unique notes perhaps awkwardly takes courage: to play
badly and still play…Dr Toni Galardi
As I have said before, eclipses are not like transits. They affect us over the course of an entire year and if they are close to your sun, moon, or ascendant, 2 years in duration. So, those having personal planets under the cardinal signs of Cancer, Capricorn, Aries, and Libra have been experiencing “extra special” cosmic barbecues as Uranus finally completed its quaking through Aries a few months ago. ☺️
The astrological archetype of Capricorn rules the father, society, politics, and our career and calling as I have mentioned before. Today, however, as we approach the exactitude of the full moon lunar eclipse in Capricorn, I want to bring in another mythic archetype that gives more dimension to our Spirit Father within. What I love most about astrology is how it gives understanding and context to the lives of my career coaching clients and supports my psychotherapeutic work as a Jungian therapist as well. Further, I am always learning so much, even after 26 years. Currently, I have
been exploring the impact of the asteroids on one’s life path and relationships with others. Today I was called to look at the asteroids Osiris and Isis in preparation for the lunar eclipse. The Egyptian myth of this couple is
an archetypal story of death and rebirth.
Isis is also about resurrection, re-assembling and re-membering. Isis is
the Egyptian super-goddess, originator of all dark lunar goddesses. She
brings together parts to create one whole being. She creates and unifies.
Isis famously scoured the earth for the dismembered parts of her
husband Osiris’s body after his jealous brother Set had chopped him into 14 pieces. She recovered 13 parts, but needed to use her magical ability to create the missing phallus, breathe new life into it and even have a son
from her formerly dead husband. She was a busy goddess! Osiris is killed again by his brother, and then becomes the god of the underworld ( much like Pluto in Roman mythology although not so dark).
Osiris was a divine king of ancient Egypt, later god of the dead. His myth
is among the oldest of mankind, extending back to the 24th century BCE. 
It centers on Osiris’ death and resurrection, and is the primary source of religions such as Christianity, revolving about the natural cycle of plant
death and rebirth, used as a metaphor for humanity in its life and
Right now, both Osiris and Isis are transiting the sign of Virgo. This is
very unusual. Most adults today do not have these soul mate asteroids in one sign. Virgo rules harvest, service, and attention to detail. What I draw from the story of Osiris and Isis for all of us is that we are each being called to serve our planet and ourselves with greater respect (Capricorn) and selflessness. To serve your inner Osiris or divine masculine means to
listen to your inner call. The mandate is to be bold and willing to die to
defunct expressions of your career identity, if it doesn’t align with what
your soul longs for now. 
In my book LifeQuake, I give countless examples of people I interviewed who had to get sick or encounter catastrophes in order to visit the underworld. Nothing like being laid up to get your attention by the inner self. We become so attached to our bank balance and creature comforts, that we risk losing it all when the soul wakes up to its next level of evolution and our conscious mind hasn’t registered the memo. 
I invite you this week as we engage the lunar eclipse to look at beliefs about your mission here or the work you are currently doing. Last night I
began to feel the pull of Osiris in my inner dialogue. My inner critic was
chastising me for having chosen the path of the healer as it has not come with great marketing savvy. I value humility and shudder when I promote my workshops and coaching in social media. My parents both were
very critical of bragging. My north node (one’s spiritual lesson to learn) is in Scorpio, the sign that rules passive income and relying on the partner’s resources. 
So, during this lunar eclipse, (and the celebration of my father’s one year passing) I am asking for my divine inner father for his continued
assistance in attracting a new soul tribe to move my work internationally. I am in the process of rebranding. I am passionate about giving you
alchemical tools for developing a balance of Yin and Yang daily that
supports you personally and all of us as a species, as we evolve through
this chaotic global transition. Dialoging with the divine goddess Isis and
divine god King Osiris within every day, allows for resilience to happen
naturally. Through the constant dying of the ego in every moment, ask
your soul, what is mine to do here? For me, that is the true humility. I see that if I lean back and let the soul speak, humility will be served.
So, what is one belief that you have that is standing in the way of you taking up your next calling?
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