September 2nd, 2019

Timing is Everything. We can manifest our heart’s desires most successfully, when we take action with the stars, not against them.

– Dr Toni Galardi

Recently, a potential client called me to inquire on my relationship coaching but he wanted to see my credentials so I sent him to my website bio. He sent me an email politely communicating that the the psychiatrist he was working with was Harvard trained and an MD, not a PhD and so he needed to pass. What was interesting for me was my own response. I could have directed him to my endorsement page or responded that what I had learned and what was most efficacious in my work had nothing to do with where I went to school ( Sorry, Chapman.) My training as a healer and a shaman came hard won, with the grace of teachers whom I magnetized at the right moments. My clients transform because I only work with people I know I can help and are both ready for and attracted to what I offer.

I did not respond to this person because it is important to me to live what I teach and that is to know who your people are… in every part of your life. Who are the people you are meant to serve? Who are the people you are meant to have as friends or call family? Who are the people you are meant to have as co-workers? Who are the people you open your body to either romantically or in a professional setting, somatically? Are they truly the right fit? If they are, there will be an ease.

A lot of attention is given to health habits for longevity. I would submit that the “who’s who” of who you have in your life or where you work has a greater effect on your health than your work out routine and eating enough cruciferous vegetables.

As this year continues to accelerate as we move to 2020, you may be called to let people go. Sometimes the clearing out process requires a lot of time alone until the tribe comes in that holds you in your highest potential. Surrounding ourselves with people who encourage us and empower us, is the greatest gift we can ever give ourselves.

This is a time of emptying out on the planet. Trust in a vision of a new world that is emerging. Just as we had more than one species on the planet in primitive times, those who operate through love will exist in fifth dimensional reality and others will continue in third dimension.
Knowing when to make agreements or purchases is like knowing not to drink over an important business lunch. It can cost you. You may miss important details on a void moon day that you would see other wise. People often doubt themselves more if they have to be in high performance mode when the moon is not making any aspect to other planets as well because the moon rules our hormones and our emotions. Statistically, there are more botched surgeries on void moon days.

Ok, so after two weeks of having no VOC work day influences, last week and this week is once more heavily Yin. We have many planets in Virgo so it is a good time to handle details at your desk or clean out the garage.As you can see, we have many opportunities to focus on inner and outer emotional connections this week.

Here are the days that the moon is void of its course.

September  2, Monday moon in Libra7:33 AM -4:35 PM EDT 4:33 am – 7:35 pm 7:33 AM PDT – 4:35 PM enters Scorpio

September 4, Wednesday, moon void in ScorpioEDT 6:58 am – 11:08 pm, 10:00 AM PDT – 8:00 PM PDT, moves into Sagittarius.

September 6 – Friday moon in Sagittarius12:03 pm – September 7 6:37 am, 9:00 AM – 3:37 AM PDT moves into Capricorn

In summation, on the last day of Labor Day weekend, celebrate Lord Ganesh’s birthday as well by chanting ohm gum gah-nah-pah-tah-YAY NAH-mah-hah 108 times focusing on any obstacles you want removed from your mind or life. Enjoy Labor Day by not laboring! Let the Elephant God dance in your heart.

Hit the ground running on Tuesday, September 3rd and Thursday September 5th for things you want to manifest into physical reality.

If life’s transitions are breaking you open, I am here to guide you through your labor process… 310-890-6832. I am extending my summer offering of a 12 week coaching package that saves $300 until the official end of Summer, Sept 20

Wishing you the juiciest week,

Dr Toni

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