November 29th

When you eat to nourish your body rather than eat to nurture your inner child, your immune system will flourish and your bones and your lungs will love you for it.

Dr. Toni Galardi

Why this full moon lunar eclipse is so important to resilience in 2021

A joke I saw recently on Instagram said, “Celebrating today, the five – year anniversary of 2020!”. It feels like five years, doesn’t it? While we were in Phase 1 and phase 2 and couldn’t get a hair cut, see your dentist, or go to the gym (if you really like the full services that that supplies), it may have seen like a long time and that’s just the fortunate ones of us who weren’t put out of a job or went down with any (not just Covid) serious illness. Time really does expand and contract with our attention.  

The impact that the planetary frequencies have on our frequencies does not coordinate to the calendar year. Astrologically speaking, this year is closing out in the next two weeks beginning with the full moon lunar eclipse on Monday, November 30 in the polarities of Sagittarius and Gemini and the solar eclipse on Dec 14th in the sign of Sagittarius. Those born with just the sun signs of Gemini or Sag comprise 17% of the population. But those whose moon, rising sign, Venus or Mercury are in these two signs will also experience change so that is more than half the population. If you know the degree and sign of your Moon, Venus, Mercury and ascendant and it falls between 3-13 degrees of Sagittarius or Gemini, emotions may come up as well around moving through endings and life transitions. Further, everyone will experience the eclipses in two houses of their chart so the focus for the next year for big transitions will most likely be in that area, eg.relationships, health, career, etc.

We are experiencing a closing of old identities that brings intense emotional issues to the surface. We can feel these influences months in advance and with lunar eclipses for about 6 weeks after. Having said that, the entire world is going through a massive transition because Sagittarius rules foreign countries and far reaching communication while Gemini rules the conscious mind, communication technology, and how we communicate. Therefore, as a global family we are all experiencing a massive, evolutionary shift on the planet. Both these signs are mutable therefore adaptable. They are inviting us to be more resilient in our change management in 2021, because the changes have just begun. 

To review, the last big eclipse we had was very close to the U.S. birthday, July 4, 2020 and as a super power country, what happens here affects the whole world. The last time we had that eclipse was right before 9/11. Other than Sweden, the statistics on the spread of the Corona virus show a huge upsurge after the 4th of July celebrations of 2020 that have never really come down significantly. One shadow aspect of the sign of Sagittarius is arrogance. The U.S. chart has the moon in Sagittarius. Countries have a personality. The United States is known for being the mother to the world (sun sign Cancer) and visionary as is another trait of Sagittarius (the software industry comes to mind). However, we are an arrogant bunch. The number of people going through airports the day before Thanksgiving and gathering in groups bigger than 10 was higher than any time since March 15 of this year and the numbers are already escalating again this week. 37% of people polled on whether they were altering their T Day celebrations answered, “not at all”.

In the next two weeks, I invite you to contemplate where your own arrogance and freedom at any price shows up irrespective to your astrological chart. A very powerful energy is coming in with the solar eclipse on Dec 14th, the same day as the electoral college decision) that is meant to connect us to the broader vision of a global family and then joins with Jupiter and Saturn conjunct at 0 degrees Aquarius on the winter solstice, Dec 21st for the first time in 800 years. 

The world moving into a cycle with Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius is demanding that we give up selfishness not just for the sake of our own evolution but for the survival of humanity. About 15 months ago, I attended an event for The Pachamama Alliance here in Asheville. This organization is dedicated to educating people on their role in climate change and preserving areas of the world that are critical to our survival, like the rain forests. We were given an exercise to visualize what we see as a hindering man made influence on climate change. Mother Earth (Pachamama as she is called in Spanish) came to me in this vision and told me that people sedating themselves with food was putting a huge strain on the planet’s resources. And this was before the pandemic.

What I am going to say next here may turn some of you off but She urged me to reach out to her children with this message: “Those who choose practices in 2021 that keep you out of shape, overweight, and participating in large group functions without social distancing, are not in alignment with the planet and are in peril. ” I had no idea it would come in the form of a virus.

The percentage of people being admitted to hospitals (who are not elderly) for complications associated with the corona virus who are obese are at 77%, more than 3/4 of admissions. That means a BMI of 30 or greater with ample belly fat puts the lungs most at risk. I realize that being quarantined at home last Spring sent many people to their refrigerators and a lot of people put on weight. It is not just the poor who are overweight. People in general are eating bigger portions than 30 years ago.

But now, there is no excuse. There are tons of programs on Zoom that are either free or at a nominal cost to help you develop a stress reduction practice instead of sedating yourself with food, alcohol, or social media. 

Our planet now requires human beings to be altruistic – The archetype of Aquarius is humanitarianism. Part of being a humanitarian is reducing your carbon footprint which includes reducing your food consumption and use of a car and airlines for pleasure purposes right now. The archetype of Aquarius asks us to live our lives not just for ourselves but for the good and the survival of all of humanity and its wildlife. We rationed food during World War II for four years. It didn’t kill us, but excess will. 

On this lunar eclipse, I invite you as we close out this year in the next two weeks to examine what of your habits needs revision to support the whole. I buy these Debbie green bags which keeps your produce up to 3 weeks. I committed to not buying any new clothes or shoes this winter and not wasting food. I also have signed up to volunteer at a food bank. What is inspiring you to contribute to this new age of Aquarius? 

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It is my deepest wish for us all to move into a genuine identity as a global family and be in the love for yourself and all of your “kin” in 2021!

With much love and affection,

Dr Toni