The Agony and Ecstasy When Planets Collide

We all like to talk about being in the 5th dimension but the sixth dimension is the true life transition where we are headed: where the dark and the light dance together as brothers and sisters knowing they need each other for transformation to take place. This is the beginning of moving through a time of uncertainty and coming into non-duality.

Dr. Toni Galardi

Do ya’ feel like you’ve been on a roller-coaster ride this past year that feels nothing like Disney’s Space Mountain except for the twists and turns? Welcome to Covid 20-21, ahem, I mean the greatest spiritual transition we’ve seen on the planet since the 15th century. Warning: More historical references to the Italian Renaissance. As I’ve been watching this series on Netflix called Medici: Masters of Florence about the most powerful banking family in Florence during the early Renaissance, one of the things I was struck by was the contrast between the emergence of great artists and Cosimo Medici’s support of some of them. The visionary artist Filippo Brunelleschi, is an example. He is the architect that designed Il Duomo di Firenze. It was the first architectural construct of its time as cathedrals go that was composed of a single shell and yet simultaneously, Florence was also dealing with the catastrophic spread of the Black Plague.

What distinguished the Medici family from other banking families (which almost bankrupted them at times because other bankers opposed their altruism) was their philosophy in helping the poor so more people were elevated and the hygiene issue that contributed so much to those who had nothing could be transformed. They probably also knew that without cheap labor, their infrastructure would collapse. The Medicis were a shining example of the extremes of dark and light with their Shakespearean (and might I say, Machiavellian) tragedies. At that time and once again, we have the planets Saturn in Aquarius (responsibility around humanity) and Uranus in Taurus (ruling new ways of doing banking and financing). These two archetypes square one another, so the conditions that often manifest as great enlightenment coming to the planet such as plagues, can also produce alchemy and prolific creativity. Turning lead into gold requires friction and high spiritual consciousness applied to the process. Further, this time around we also have Pluto, the god of death and transformation in the sign of Capricorn making a return to the place it was at on the day we declared Independence from the British. It is getting very close now to exactitude before it retrogrades in April so the subject of personal independence versus the good of the collective is a big topic this last year. Early next year in 2022, it will go exact. As Capricorn rules society and its structures, we are seeing through the catalyst of our most recent plague, far reaching changes in many areas and more to come: education, commerce, the workplace itself being restructured, new healing modalities, etc.

As it was at the time of the Renaissance, art and creativity in general are proliferating along with more viruses until more people experience the relationship between their immune system flourishing and their lives aligned with their soul’s purpose. At least, this is my sense. For those into social media, “something going viral” is applauded as a great success, right? Here we have manifested its dark side, an acute mutating virus.

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