Eight Tips for Thriving in the Midst of a Career Transition or LifeQuake

Courage does not require fearlessness. It does require surrender, but not to an enemy. Surrendering your mind to your heart’s intelligence will guide you to step back from the matrix and hear your own truth. Dr. Toni Galardi

I was watching a film on Netflix about the American Revolution and those who spied for General Washington with the British army. We forget the courage it took for colonists to break from the British Empire. There are these moments during critical life transitions, where ordinary people with everything to lose do extraordinary things that unknown to them at the time, change the course of history.

We are in a time like that again. Hear the drum beat… We are building to the Sagittarius solar eclipse in December and in February of 2022, Pluto’s return to its placement in the chart where it was at the time of the signing of the Declaration of Independence. There will be more expose’s of corruption in many major industries as the light frequency of 5th dimension reality pours onto the planet. It is important to note that in quantum physics, light brings up everything unlike itself to achieve oneness.

Nearly four million people left their jobs in April and a record number are not returning… to a job. Working remotely has shown millions of Americans that working from home ain’t so bad. This is all part of Pluto ( the planet of death and transformation) in Capricorn (the sign that rules career and society). When people come to me for career coaching, it is usually because they have ‘golden handcuffs syndrome’. They have benefits and profit sharing that is keeping them tied to Corporate America. Often they will say to me up front, they aren’t going to leave their job for two years or so but just want to be ready to do so. Within six months of working with me, they experience at the soul level, the path that shows their highest destiny and leave within the year. I’ve also helped some clients find a position better suited to them within their very same company.

What is unfortunate is the physical cost they have paid prior to calling me. People who are choosing discovery of their calling over job security are brave but in the long run, they are also saving themselves a ton of money! Waiting until you are 65 to retire may come with huge health issues. My grandfather had a stroke 6 months after he retired. Personally, I think we need to retire the word retire. The frequency for stepping into the transfunctional human ( a term I coined in 2009 for my book The LifeQuake Phenomenon) requires that we live in alignment not just with our true purpose but with what this new human body needs for this new frequency. Here are eight tips that will rapidly transform any career or financial upheaval.

Eight Tips for Becoming a Transfunctional Human

1) Eating organic food in quantities that allow you to stay within 10 pounds of your normal weight. Remember, you have six months to do this incrementally.

2)Stillness for 30 minutes a day.

3) Time in nature ( and if you do not live near any, get an MP3 download of nature sounds while you are in stillness).

4) At least 64 ounces of alkaline water to feed your electric body ( lemon or trace mineral drops will do).

5) Five min of visualization or prayer envisioning humanity coming together as a global family.

6) Joining with like minded others at least once a month in a quantum field healing activation.

7) Being kind to customer service reps in foreign countries with bad phone connections ( probably the toughest one at times to do!)

8) Setting an intention in the morning to bring joy to yourself and the world.

Things are going to start getting intense again by October as we build to the lunar eclipse in the money signs of Taurus and Scorpio in November. Pretend you are preparing for a marathon. If you take on most of the eight mentioned above, you will experience a body/mind/ and spirit transformation. When the Pluto Return arrives in late January- early February, you will have the transfunctional beingness to adapt, adapt, and adapt again. Those who cope with self medication of their emotions through the winter months may pay an even bigger price. When it is time for humankind to make an evolutionary leap and we are not aligned with the new frequency, there will be massive transitions off the planet. I was told this in a dream. I was also told that this is not tragic. It is merely a choice to be the human that the planet needs to make it through this climate crisis or not. We are always at choice and get to reincarnate and learn again…

Personally, I want this to be my last rodeo so I am doing most of these practices I give here myself and people have been remarking that I look radiant. Nature’s cosmetics…

Joining with others in group healing activations and group coaching for the next 6 months can really help with healing lifetimes of old karmic patterns.

I invite you to join our LifeQuake Miracles tribe and come join us on Sunday August 8th at 9:00 AM PDT. Here is the link to join:https://drtonigalardi.com/lifequake-miracles-tribe/

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