Mercury Retrograde, Mars Shadow and What’s Coming

Both England and The United States are now led by Scorpio Sun and Taurus Moon “Elders” in the two signs that rule money. Interesting timing as we go into a massive economic restructuring worldwide.

Dr Toni Galardi

When a big world leader dies, it often signifies the beginning of a new era. I surfed the net and found no astrologer making observations about the uncanny resemblance between President Joe Biden and King Charles III’s charts. Not only are they both Scorpio sun and Taurus moon people, they both have fire sign ascendants and the moon for both are at 0 degrees of Taurus – what are the odds? At the very least, they will get along very well in global meetings and summits.

On top of that, Uranus has been shaking up and restructuring the world stage economically in the sign of Taurus which also rules food and when challenged, food shortages. The last quarter of the year into January should be very interesting as well with the eclipses and Mars in retrograde for the previous three months. Right now, Mars is in the shadow of its retro, Mercury is retro until October, with five other planets all retro as well. Further, the two eclipses coming in late October and mid November are in… yep, Scorpio and Taurus. The traditional ruler of Mars is Scorpio, so this retrograde could bring feisty communications to each of us both personally, as well as global miscommunications between countries. Because these two signs rule the money houses (2nd house money earned directly and 8th house passive income and death), we will see economic changes and possibly death under both American and British leadership. In England, we’ve already seen two passings – the queen and the prime minister leaving office. Further, Charles has his north node in the house of career and vocational purpose as well as his moon. However, his Mercury, Venus, Neptune, and his south node (one’s default when you want to be comfortable, and Taurus moon people really like their creature comforts) are all in the house that rules home and family.
I venture to say he’d rather be at home with Camilla having a great meal than ruling the country. Taurus moon people love their food! By the way, Camilla and Princess Diana were both born under a Cancer sun, so he was looking for that mother figure he really never had. I also find it interesting that the queen consort and the U.S. V.P. have similar names. Yes, he was destined to be king no doubt and he has the planet of luck Jupiter, in the house of the workplace. An interesting side note is that until the election of President Biden who has a Sagittarius rising (like the U.S. chart), all the five previous U.S. Presidents had a Leo rising just as Charles does; the sign that rules kings and leaders. I find myself wondering though whether both Biden and the King really want their jobs at this point…

Getting back to Charles: where our north node is, is always a stretch but to have such a loaded 4th house that is all about home and is ruled by the sign of Cancer means the pull is strong to be home and family oriented . So, yes, this was his destiny to have a big career and… maybe not for very long. I predict he will make some new in roads with Aries ruling the career house which is the sign of the pioneer. He became king as Mercury was stationing to go retrograde and the moon was void of its course for 16 hours. This is not a great chart for a long reign. I believe he will be mentoring his son William now to take over in about 7 years. Next summer, Uranus will begin opposing his sun for 18 months which will push him to take risks and can be stressful on a 74 year old’s nervous system and vitality. President Biden will also have Uranus hitting a key planet – his Mercury ( rules the brain) in Scorpio next Spring. If he were younger, it would mean opening the fixed mind of Scorpio to new ideas but in an older person can cause a stroke. We have an 80 year old President and about to be 74 year old king stepping into his first real job. Two old white men with women in their late 40’s and 50’s as VP and Prime Minister. Speaking of which, Liz Truss has a Scorpio north node and Taurus South node in her natal chart and Kamala Harris has both her Mercury and Venus in Scorpio. I am going to do a newsletter on Liz because she does have an interesting chart and one tied to Charles, but I digress. The point here is that who gets these jobs have less to do with qualifications and more to do with the emerging archetypes that bring certain people into the spotlight. When Trump was president, we had Gemini and Sagittarius eclipses operating and a president with a Gemini sun and Sag moon.

I don’t have an opinion about either Biden or Charles as leaders. I am apolitical but as an astrologer, find it interesting that the archetypes of Taurus and Scorpio in the eclipses coming mirror leaders of countries that have been so entwined since the landing on Plymouth Rock in the 17th century.

So, what is the lesson they give for each of us? Succession to the throne most of the time is an obvious career destiny whether you want the job or not, but for the rest of us, it is really helpful to know your vocational purpose from an astrological blueprint perspective so you align with your highest path. People come to me all the time for a consult thinking what they were meant to do was something in keeping with their south node because the archetype of the south node usually involves a career we have known before in a past life or early in our career. For the new king, he may have been a housewife and/or mother before. Case in point, a client came to me whose south node was in the house of higher education. She was 35 years old and in burnout, thinking she should go to grad school. I told her she would be wasting her money given what I saw in her soul contract. As we took a deep dive, she discovered that she really had a passion for the tarot and ended us going through a course to become a tarot reader and coach which is perfect for her north node in the house of communication. I have saved many people tons of money by coaching them through their vocational astrology chart.

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Love and light,

Dr. Toni