Five Reasons to Engage Dr. Toni Galardi as Your Psychotherapist

  • You want a therapist who understands transition and will partner with you. Dr. Toni has assisted in transforming the lives of thousands of people going through health crises, divorces, addiction recovery, and many other upheavals.
  • You want a guide who has tangible tools for tapping into your unconscious beliefs that may be sabotaging you as well as your deepest wisdom. Dr. Galardi provides a light when you’re in the tunnel reframing the dark time into one of incubation, using this cocooning for profound transformation.
  • You want published materials to use in between sessions. She provides proven ancillary tools through her book The LifeQuake Phenomenon, The LifeQuake Method CD, and The LifeQuake Method pre-recorded 10 hour teleclass series.
  • You want a healing, compassionate voice in your guide. Although clinically trained, her unique guidance incorporates her intuition and profound spiritual knowledge delivered through a healing and compassionate voice that can reach you by phone or SKYPE anywhere in the world.
  • You want potential financial remuneration. If you have health insurance, you want a guide that can extend a super bill for reimbursement. If you work for yourself, the sessions possibly may be used as a write off in the education or medical category. ( on advice from your accountant)


“I find the greatest teachers are those who give you tools to take into your life so that you become the master of your destiny and not dependent on the teacher. Toni is one of those teachers. She helped me see where I needed to go and how to get there to make permanent, positive changes in my life. Because of her, I’m finally beginning to feel comfortable in my own skin, thank God.”
– Enrico Colantoni, Star of NBC’s, “Just Shoot Me”, “Veronica Mars” and “Flashpoint” TV series

“The LifeQuake Method was a profound journey of healing and growth. With grace, humor and deep compassion, Dr. Galardi created a safe, supportive and inspiring experience. I felt connected to her, to the others in the class and yet was able to maintain my complete privacy.  Whether you are going through a LifeQuake now or would like to avoid one in the future, this class will provide you the tools to navigate life’s sometimes difficult passages. It’s empowering.  Take it.”
– Randy, advertising creative director