Five reasons to engage Dr. Toni Galardi as your coach

You are or have been successful in your career but you’re getting bored or in burn out. You want to make money while having more fun doing it.

Dr. Galardi has over twenty years of post-graduate Ph.D. training and experience working with professionals in both corporate America and small business.

You want a coach who has a proven system.
Dr. Toni has created a seven – step system called The LifeQuake Method for managing the need for change in its early stages. She also knows how to guide you through crisis driven transition when you’ve ignored the early signs, and then can help you co-create a life design for your next chapter that inspires you into a passionate, new purpose.

You want an advisor who can give you tools for accurately deciding when to move forward.

Dr. Toni has a tool for forecasting the best timing for your opportunities. Further, she intuits where in your body you are holding stress – induced blockages, and with laser focus eliminates these blockages, freeing your nervous system to make choices from an elevated state of mind. This allows her to then work with your mind unhindered by unconscious sabotaging fears. Then she can partner with you to move forward with a strategy you will actually follow.

You want versatility and access from your coach to work with you anywhere in the world.
She can do this with you by phone, skype, or internet anywhere you are in the world.
You want published materials to use in between sessions that can provide written and audio guidance while you are in career transition.

She provides proven ancillary tools through her book The LifeQuake Phenomenon, The LifeQuake Method CD, and The LifeQuake Method pre-recorded 10 hour teleclass series.

“My partner and I have been working with Toni Galardi for nearly a year. She is an indispensable part of our business success. She masterfully negotiated a business partnership that was on the rocks and has helped our company grow into living our dreams.”
Daniel Korson
Coracao Confections (business coaching client)

“Dr. Galardi has amazing wisdom and special gifts that she freely shares with others. Since working with her coaching, I feel more empowered and in tune with my authentic self, have clarity surrounding my work, experience more flow in my writing, and have learned valuable tools for growth. She truly lives her calling to help others uncover and express their highest potential. Who knew that could happen over the phone?”
K.D. – professor/ Orange County, Ca