Five Reasons to Engage Dr. Toni As Your Astrological Strategist

1) You are in the midst of a major life or organizational transition.

By analyzing the blueprint of your astrological chart, Dr. Toni can customize a unique strategy for discovering your next chapter as well as how to move forward that is very specific to you and/or your company.

2) You want an astrologer who also has a therapist’s tools for dissolving mental and emotional blocks.

3) You want specific events to come off successfully at the optimum time such as elective surgery, a wedding, making a career change, or buying a house.

4) You want to improve your relationships.

You are single and you want a tool for recognizing a potentially good or unsuitable relationship sooner rather than later. You’re married and want a tool for understanding the lessons you and your partner are meant to learn from one another as well as improving your relationship with your mate.

5) You want the financial advantage.

An analysis of the year ahead can help you prepare for potential financial upsets and windfalls. It is a reported fact that J.P. Morgan had an astrologer on retainer. When questioned about it by reporters, he was quoted as saying, “ Millionaires may not use astrologers but billionaires do.” Morgan was the first American billionaire.

One of the best kept secrets in America is how many top C.E.O.’s use astrologers in business and financial investing.