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Twenty- four years ago, Dr. Toni Galardi pioneered a multi-dimensional approach to change management that proved the interplay of the food we eat, how we breathe, our beliefs about change, and where we hold the fear of change in our bodies can all affect our ability to foresee when to make changes. Through her research into the neuroscience of change mastery, she developed The LifeQuake Method: a revolutionary roadmap for eliminating crisis while moving through stressful change and transition.

Dr. Toni (as she is often called by the media) communicates in a unique way that makes her highly accessible to her audiences. Provocative and highly entertaining, Dr. Galardi—shares her three near-fatal experiences with equal doses of humor and vulnerability: how even a highly educated professional can go deaf, dumb, and blind when it comes to negotiating change in her own life.

More than just a survivor’s story, what sets Dr. Galardi apart is that she has again developed a new groundbreaking system that is chocked full of tangible tools for successfully moving through transition – The Abbondanza Method. This integrative body, mind, spirit system draws on the neuroscience of resilience while using stories from her own Italian roots that inspire attendees to take action today… fearlessly and playfully.


Dr. Toni’s essence engages her audience with a lively, interactive program where she teaches her method for shifting out of stress into joy and resilience. Infusing expressive storytelling with great wisdom, and peppering her talks with juicy urban Italian humor, she demonstrates how to deftly navigate change with an abundant degree of ease, generosity of spirit and emotional agility.


Dr. Toni Galardi offers quick and tangible tools for healing the fear of change while inspiring her audiences and clients to experience the abundance that comes from being heart-centered in the workplace and in their personal life.


Dr. Toni works closely with meeting planners and organizations to ensure that her program is aligned with the objectives and values of her clients. She always collaborates to tailor her presentations and trainings to your organization’s specific needs.