Program Descriptions

The LifeQuake Phenomenon: Shifting From Disastering to Mastering Any Change Successfully

Based on Dr. Galardi’s book, The LifeQuake Phenomenon, this presentation outlines the seven stages that we—our bodies, minds and spirits—move through as we convert intense, unasked for change into a passionate, purpose-driven life.

You’ll learn how to:

  •   Pro-actively choose change yourself before it chooses you…
  •   Emerge from personal and professional quakes with resilience and new purpose…
  •   Defy age and build prosperity by becoming an agent of change in the workplace and the world…

The Abbondanza Method:

  •   Secrets Learned From My Italian Grandmother for Thriving In Abundance, No Matter What Life Throws At You
  •   Transform the natural fear of change into a process that is both exciting and creates passion for what comes next.
  •   Experience the easy to use techniques and watch emotional resistance to any breakdown instantly disappear.
  •   Learn the actual neuroscience of what creates change mastery through increasing oxytocin, our body’s natural stress reliever.

Eight Italian Practices For Successful, Effective Leadership

Dr. Galardi shares 8 Italian practices that translate into successful leadership during crisis-driven transitions and daily breakdowns.


Connezione means connection. How do you build rapport and make genuine contact in a high stressed, fast paced environment?

Sprezzatura means appearing to make things look easy in a difficult transition or change.

Abbondanza means finding the gain in every breakdown or loss and you will still increase bottom line job satisfaction, loyalty and healthy employees.