Good Day LA – Fox News in LA asked Dr. Galardi to share with them some tips for rediscovering “the reason for the season.”

Facing Life From A Place of Abundance

Abbondanza: Seven Italian Secrets for Thriving, No Matter What Life Throws At You – ranked #3 of all new thought leaders interviewed.

Life School Interview -http://thisislifeschool.com/community/videos/video/21-tonigalardi-091012.html?groupid=13

Thriving in an Economic LifeQuake – SoCal News. Dr. Galardi was asked to share advice to SoCal News viewers about small life change that can help you thrive during times of economic chaos

In part two of the Fox News series Thriving in an Economic LifeQuake, Dr. Toni Galardi gives an exercise for removing anxiety from your body when fear comes up around money issues.

Dr. Toni recurring on Socal News after her hair was flat ironed by her hairdresser!

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ABC TVs Seven Live on “Sex Addiction: Is It Real?” – the show went off the air so link has expired.

KUSI Good Morning San Diego – Keeping your New Year’s resolutions – Dr. Toni Galardi describes a four step plan for how to make positive changes by working on one goal for the year.

Connecting the Dots – One Minute technique from Dr. Galardi’s new book “The LifeQuake Phenomenon”


The Aware Show with Lisa Garr – 90.7 FM Los Angeles – 4 times

Inner Vision with Dr. Nita Vallens -90.7 FM Los Angeles, 3 times

Chat with Women Radio KKNW 1150 AM Seattle -Alpha Women radio show – “What advice would you give Oprah?”

“Healthy Advice” – Dr. Gene Steiner KRLA, Los Angeles

“Your Health Matters” – Dr. Tony O’Donnell KXAM – Los Angeles, now on KABC

Radio Interview with Tom Cox on procrastination available as a download

Healthy Living and Weight Loss with Bonnie Mechelle


Interview with Dr.†Galardi†on Natural Health Radio by Dr. Jim†Blumenthal

PRINT – Newspapers, hard copy magazines, and online

Interview with Dr. Galardi in Betty Confidential Magazine – moms and drinking

AOLhealth – Click here to read an article on AOLhealth where Dr. Galardi was asked to give tips and advice for adapting to a move.

AOL.com -†article on “how men and women relate to economic stress differently.”

The News & Observer – An article in The News & Observer in which Dr. Galardi was asked for her advice on the optimism one can see in the economic crisis at hand.

Awareness Magazine – Environmental LifeQuakes – Click here to read an article that Dr. Galardi was asked to write for Awareness Magazine on going green between your ears.

MORE Magazine – Boyfriend’s Online “Hobby” is Becoming a Problem –  An advice column that Dr. Galardi was asked for expert advice from, geared toward women who are over 40.

Interview with journalist on smart phones: are we too dependent on them?

Health Magazine  Dr. Galardi was interviewed on social media addiction ( see link above)