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Transitions and Career Coaching

Hi, I thought I would take a minute to share with you a little bit about how I work. What makes me unique as a coach is that I also have 25 years of experience as a licensed psychotherapist. So what does that do for you, you might ask?

When I coach you, we are looking at clearly defining your goals and creating an action plan for achieving them. However, the psychotherapist part of me also has a myriad of tools for dealing with ways you might be unconsciously sabotaging yourself. When you consider that about 95% of our real feelings and desires are unconscious, it may not work to take the typical linear approach that most coaches use to getting your life to actually work.

When you think about it, your life has probably never been a straight line to the goal. They key is to go deeper and discover how your personal destiny has been and is unfolding and move toward the results that truly represent your heart’s desire.

I have a system for helping you with that discovery and a tool that helps to create your unique roadmap.

So give me a call and let’s get started on creating the life that is beyond even your biggest dreams! 

5 Reasons To engage Dr. Toni Galardi as your coach


You are or have been successful in your career but you’re getting bored or in burn out. You want to make money while having more fun doing it.

Dr. Galardi has over twenty years of post-graduate Ph.D. training and experience working with professionals in both corporate America and small business.


You want a coach who has a proven system.

Dr. Toni has created a seven – step system called The LifeQuake Method for managing the need for change in its early stages. She also knows how to guide you through crisis driven transition when you’ve ignored the early signs, and then can help you co-create a life design for your next chapter that inspires you into a passionate, new purpose.


You want an advisor who can give you tools for accurately deciding when to move forward.

Dr. Toni has a tool for forecasting the best timing for your opportunities. Further, she intuits where in your body you are holding stress – induced blockages, and with laser focus eliminates these blockages, freeing your nervous system to make choices from an elevated state of mind. This allows her to then work with your mind unhindered by unconscious sabotaging fears. Then she can partner with you to move forward with a strategy you will actually follow.


You want versatility and access from your coach to work with you anywhere in the world.

She can do this with you by phone, skype, or internet anywhere you are in the world.


You want published materials to use in between sessions that can provide written and audio guidance while you are in career transition.

She provides proven ancillary tools through her book The LifeQuake Phenomenon, The LifeQuake Method CD, and The LifeQuake Method pre-recorded 10 hour teleclass series.


5 Reasons To Engage Dr. Toni Galardi As Your Psychotherapist


You want a therapist who understands transition and will partner with you.

Dr. Toni has assisted in transforming the lives of thousands of people going through health crises, divorces, addiction recovery, and many other upheavals.


You want a guide who has tangible tools for tapping into your unconscious beliefs that may be sabotaging you as well as your deepest wisdom.

Dr. Galardi provides a light when you’re in the tunnel reframing the dark time into one of incubation, using this cocooning for profound transformation.


You want published materials to use in between sessions.

She provides proven ancillary tools through her book The LifeQuake Phenomenon, The LifeQuake Method CD, and The LifeQuake Method pre-recorded 10 hour teleclass series.


You want a healing, compassionate voice in your guide

Although clinically trained, her unique guidance incorporates her intuition and profound spiritual knowledge delivered through a healing and compassionate voice that can reach you by phone or SKYPE anywhere in the world.


You want potential financial remuneration.

If you have health insurance, you want a guide that can extend a super bill for reimbursement. If you work for yourself, the sessions possibly may be used as a write off in the education or medical category. ( on advice from your accountant)

Astrological Strategy

5 Reasons To Engage Dr. Toni Galardi As Your Astrological Strategist


1) You are in the midst of a major life or organizational transition.

By analyzing the blueprint of your astrological chart, Dr. Toni can customize a unique strategy for discovering your next chapter as well as how to move forward that is very specific to you and/or your company.


You want an astrologer who also has a therapist’s tools for dissolving mental and emotional blocks


You want specific events to come off successfully at the optimum time such as elective surgery, a wedding, making a career change, or buying a house


You want to improve your relationships

You are single and you want a tool for recognizing a potentially good or unsuitable relationship sooner rather than later. You’re married and want a tool for understanding the lessons you and your partner are meant to learn from one another as well as improving your relationship with your mate.


You want the financial advantage

An analysis of the year ahead can help you prepare for potential financial upsets and windfalls. It is a reported fact that J.P. Morgan had an astrologer on retainer. When questioned about it by reporters, he was quoted as saying, “ Millionaires may not use astrologers but billionaires do.” Morgan was the first American billionaire.

One of the best kept secrets in America is how many top C.E.O.’s use astrologers in business and financial investing.

Energy Healing

When someone is making a huge life change, I have found that coaching and even psychotherapy is useless without removing lifetimes of blockages stored in one’s body. Whether I am working one on one or speaking in front of a group, I help people heal themselves of their fear of change through facilitating soul activations using breath work. This can effectively clear energy blockages in the body and allow them to uncover their true soul purpose.


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