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Dr. Toni Galardi Soul Purpose Activator and Futurist

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I am here to give you the tools to awaken and actuate your true soul purpose. When you do that, you and your world will thrive.


Managing Anxiety and Depression Telesummit

Shadow Self Work

Facing Life From A Place of Abundance

Thriving in an Economic LifeQuakeTM

SoCal News. Dr. Galardi was asked to share advice to SoCal News viewers about small life change that can help you thrive during times of economic chaos

SoCal News

Dr. Toni recurring on Socal News after her hair was flat ironed by her hairdresser!

Connecting the Dots

One Minute technique from Dr. Galardi’s book “The LifeQuakeTM Phenomenon”

Revitalize Your Life Telesummit

KUSI Good Morning San Diego – Keeping your New Year’s resolutions

Thriving in an Economic LifeQuakeTM 2/2

In part two of the Fox News series Thriving in an Economic LifeQuakeTM, Dr. Toni Galardi gives an exercise for removing anxiety from your body when fear comes up around money issues.

Good Day LA

Fox News in LA asked Dr. Galardi to share with them some tips for rediscovering “the reason for the season.”



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