A tidbit of Chapter One of LifeQuake


The Heat Wave: Subtle Tremors

We are so accustomed to disguising ourselves to others that in the end we become disguised to ourselves. ~


In the opening chapter the reader is shown how the sociological, psychological, and environmental crises occurring on a grand scale are in fact catalysts, prompting each of us to evolve in our own lives. Our collective chaos is fueling a push toward greater personal adaptation to accelerated change.

The concept of a “LifeQuake” is introduced as the result of resisting change — yet also the emergence of a new self accompanied by inevitable birthing pains. In its first- stage subtleties, a LifeQuake often goes unrecognized. Tell-tale signs include boredom, restlessness, and irritability. What is misunderstood, if not totally overlooked, is that these are symptoms of an old life that’s been outgrown. Not surprisingly, this is when resistance to change is strongest. Without recognition of the process, it may be hard to identify that these symptoms signal the dawn of a more authentic life and higher level
of consciousness.

Through a questionnaire that has been given to thousands of people over the years, this chapter helps readers identify which stage of their LifeQuake is operative. Then it reviews the impact of Stage One on lifestyle, workplace, relationships, and health, while providing tangible strategies for mastering change in each of these areas.

How to start building a new ‘faultless’ foundation when the old one starts to crack open is described, accompanied with an explanation of the building elements for that stage.

In Chapter One, the building elements are Keen Observation and Listening. Each chapter contains a toolbox section with practical exercises to assist in transitioning to the next stage. The tool box exercises in Chapter 1 are:

  • LIGHT, CAMERA, ACTION (a visualization to start the day)
  • TAKING YOUR EMOTIONAL PULSE (a tool to be used periodically throughout the


  • DOTMAKING YOUR DESTINY (throughout the day)
  • MIRROR, MIRROR, ON THE WALL (exercise to be practiced at the end of each day).

    As with all heroic journeys, there are distinct tasks that help with developing change mastery. At the end of this chapter and those following, these tasks are shown as bulleted checkpoints summarizing the first leg of the LifeQuake journey. These are meant to be guide posts not judgmental criteria for how well you are doing.