Planet of Radical Changes Moves into the Money Sign for 7 Years

There is a need for financial reform along ethical lines that would produce in its turn an economic reform to benefit everyone. This would nevertheless require a courageous change of attitude on the part of political leaders.
Pope Francis
I say, always follow your passion, no matter what, because even if it’s not great financial success, it’ll lead you to the money that’ll make you the happiest.
Ellen DeGeneres
Are you feeling a buzz in the air? Do people seem just a little bit crazier than usual? If history teaches us anything, this is going to first bring chaos and then another level of accelerated evolution.
When a slow moving planet changes signs it often triggers major events.  We have two planets changing signs now. If history teaches us anything, this is going to bring chaos and then a gigantic leap in consciousness.
Chiron, the planet of the wounded healer governs where we are here to heal both our own childhood wound and support the healing of others and theirs. Of course, this is also carried over from previous life experiences. Chiron was in Pisces since 2010 and has asked us to go into the unconscious parts of ourselves and work with our shadow, our addictions, using spiritual techniques that engage our higher self. Chiron’s healing in Pisces has been on the more subtle bodies.
Chiron now in Aries until 2027, asks us to engage the spiritual warrior part of us and obtaining a bigger sense of who we are and to use our ego to work FOR us. Aries is the god of war. The last time we had Chiron enter Aries was in 1968, amidst the backdrop of the most pervasive movement of the 60’s, protesting the Vietnam War. Further, shortly after Chiron went into Aries in 1968, Martin Luther King was shot and within a few months, Bobby Kennedy.
We are already seeing people reacting to numerous gun slayings with a call for greater legislation.  Right here in small town upper class Mill Valley last week, a man in his 70’s shot and attempted to kill his landlord while succeeding to kill the landlord’s 30 year old daughter and himself over a tenant dispute.
Hopefully, just as the Anti-War movement made a positive impact on our withdrawal from the Vietnam Conflict, I believe we will see a change in gun legislation in the next 7 years.
Another aspect of Chiron in Aries that dovetails with Uranus changing signs (which I will get to later) is that as spiritual warriors, we are being called to engage in peaceful activism as Dr. King espoused and died believing in. Look at the resurgence of this just in the past 15 months since Inauguration Day.
Chiron in Aries asks us to keep persevering in the name of what we believe in, even when there is defeat, as MLK did over and over again.  Chiron in Aries will have us look at where we are creating unnecessary wounding in our work environments by not being engaged in work that reflects our true life purpose.
Just before Chiron went into Aries in April, Stanford Professor Jeffrey Pfeffer’s book Dying for a Paycheck was published that provides compelling and devastating data on how dysfunctional many corporate environments are and the statistics on the effect of one’s work on one’s health. I think we will see the workplace revamped because they are seeing that it doesn’t make sense at the mere bottomline to work people to death.
Ok, so this is big: Uranus moves into Taurus for the first time since the Great Depression.  Many astrologers are focusing on how it will affect world finance, however, I think there is another piece here. The energy of Taurus is slow moving.  People with planets in Taurus or any of the fixed signs do not like to have change thrust upon them suddenly so for those born in the early degrees of the fixed signs of Taurus, Scorpio, Leo, and Aquarius or have planets there, I advise you to intuit what areas of your life is it time to let go of or revamp. Begin making changes now so they don’t have to be forced upon you. My father is an early Taurus and for him, it is catalyzing his death transition, but death takes many forms with Uranus, less often literally.
 For the rest of us, wherever Taurus resides in your astrological chart, this is the area being called to restructure. We will see a restructuring of our economy and our values during these 7 years but my sense is, that it will not begin until next year in terms of truly visible events. If your values are reflected in alignment with where you spend your money, you may not need a correction. This is the soul of money. When you look at your credit card receipts and check book, are you spending money on that which you say you truly value? Uranus in Taurus is also asking us to embrace a more Eastern philosophy around loss. For example, here in this country, if you lose money through a bad financial investment or you lose a spouse more than once, you are seen as a loser. What if loss was redefined as the means through which we learn non-attachment and evolve more quickly?
Uranus also rules the kundalini energy in the subtle body and we are definitely in a process of being restructured to enter into a fifth dimension reality. If you find yourself feeling more tired lately, absent minded or ungrounded, this is part of the transformation going on as we evolve. Something else I get about Uranus leaving fast moving Aries and entering into languid Taurus, we are being called to unplug from our addiction to the internet, our smart phones, and social media. I hear more people talking about taking tech cleansing days. I would recommend that to all of us, if you want to give your nervous system a chance to restore. By becoming more unhurried and jamming less into a day, your adrenals can refill. When we slow down, we become more deliberate. When you become more deliberate, it is easier to hear messages from your intuitive self. Your dream recall will increase as well.
Once again, because Taurus rules finances and conserving resources, if you move into a slower pace and ask to be shown guidance from your higher self around financial decisions, messages can come from the dreamtime as well as synchronicities. When your nervous system is quiet, you can hear the call of a new path that Chiron in Aries is offering to your “spiritual warriorship”. It may be as an advocate for a cause or it may be a more internally directed call. I recommend reading  Shambala: The Sacred Path of the Warrior, by Chogyam Trungpa. Although originally published over 30 years ago, you can still get it in hard back, paper, or kindle.  It may inspire your calling.
The new moon in Taurus on Tuesday, May 15 also officially begins Uranus’ run in Taurus. It will dip back into Aries in November and officially begins its consistent run in Taurus at the end of February beginning to show its disruptive cards next April. On Tuesday’s new moon, set your financial intentions and I would add (since Taurus is Venus ruled), an intention for love and beauty. Beautifying your surroundings or adding to your garden or a change in a beauty regimen, may please the goddess Venus. It is no wonder why there are so many beautiful Taurus women in the world.
Finally, spend as much of this year as you can contemplating the essence of how you want your life to unfold, not necessarily the visible results.  If what you want, for example, is serenity, ask for your life to bring you the people and the kind of work that will support that. We have many more planets than usual in retrograde motion this year with Venus and Mars joining the group in a few months.
Nurture your nervous system and your kundalini (the higher octave aspect of the nervous system) will thank you.
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