Suzy Prudden interviewing me: Food Addiction as Part of Morphing


When I first started writing The LifeQuake Phenomenon twenty years ago, I was befriended by a fascinating generous, amazing woman – Suzy Prudden. I shared with her this seven stage model for evolutionary change that had come to me in a meditation. I didn’t know what to do with it other than seminars. She told me to write her a letter describing it and that letter became the beginning of my writing career. She got me to my first literary agent and the journey of LifeQuake began.

Suzy’s story in my book outlined how addiction, specifically food addiction can take hold in a LifeQuake. As their old life disintegrates, many people, while in the midst of their lives exploding, turn to food as a source of grounding or numbing to the fear they are experiencing. For some, as was the case for both Suzy and I, it goes the whole continuum – weight loss as well as gain. The rise of eating disorders is a symptom of something actually very whole – evolution. As we are evolving, we are looking for evidence of soul in our outer lives. Food is the most primal source for this longing. Also, as some will attest, there is a kindof spiritual anorexia that can also take place – being uninterested in food as the energy field gets lighter and lighter.
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