Change Management Using the Planets of Love and Power

Power without love is reckless and abusive, love without power is sentimental and anemic.
Martin Luther King


Well, how perfect just in time for Halloween that Venus, the goddess of love is calling us inward this October through a retrograde pattern. That sexy wench coupled with Pluto the god of the underworld, sexuality, addiction, and other people’s resources would ordinarily have us do naughty things right now, given that she’s moving through the sign of Scorpio. Moreover, Pluto which rules the sign of Scorpio is going direct on Tuesday, Oct 2, compelling us to take action.

But given that this whole year is about spiritual acceleration and illumination, it makes sense that you are being called to take that juicy energy of Venus and Pluto and discover what you are passionate about now? What do you love now? How do you want to express your love, now?

As a career coach, I look at Venus being retrograde in Scorpio all month as an opportunity to truly reflect on these questions as it applies to your life purpose. We are entering the last quarter of the year. When you look back at 2018 in January, 2019, what would you have liked to have completed or risked to express your authentic purpose?

The other aspect of Venus going retrograde Oct 4th officially ( she has started slowing down for over a week now) is that it is best to hold off starting new relationships until after Nov 15. I would include business partnerships as well. Although I don’t encourage pursuing new relationships, paradoxically, we can attract people from our past. You won’t know how viable it is until after Venus goes direct mid November. Sometimes, we find ourselves saying after the planet goes direct again, “What was i thinking?” or, because we have the god who also rules addiction going forward, perhaps the question is, ” What was I drinking?” when I got involved with that person.

Use this time to get turned on and tuned into yourself! Start noting what gets you excited during the month of October. Take one risk that reflects true self love and in looking back from January, something you will feel proud of yourself for having done.

I’m doing something this month that I have been called to do for 12 years but was too afraid to do alone – I am now moving to Asheville, North Carolina … solo. I know a few people there now but I’ve lived in California my entire post undergraduate life! So this is a big step to move across the country, however, the Divine Mother has made it clear that this is my next assignment. I will continue to come back and forth to California for workshops and to see clients but my work is becoming more and more virtual in order for me to assist people globally as we go through this massive spiritual acceleration.

I want to hear from you. What is calling you? Share with me one big risk you are taking this month in the name of self love and true power. If we take up confronting our deepest fears, own our shadow, and love all of it, he is also the god of wealth ( whatever that means to you).

With great love and affection,

Dr. Toni