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LifeQuakeTM Miracles Tribe

I have decided to create an affordable way for people to receive the support they need in these trying times.

Each month at the new moon, I am gathering like minded people to come together on a special Zoom program to examine how the moon exerts its powerful influence on our daily lives.

The empirical data shows us that there are more complications in surgery when the moon is void of its course, agreements that are made rarely hold, items purchased are more often returned, etc.

Therefore, it is very important to know exactly when to take action, thus giving YOU the advantage in business, health, and life.

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Managing Anxiety and Depression Telesummit

Revitalize Your Life Telesummit


Welcome a generous slice of Italian wisdom to your next meeting by inviting the delightful, Dr. Toni Galardi, acclaimed international speaker, change management consultant and author of the book, The LifeQuakeTM Phenomenon: Awakening to Your Passionate, Purpose Filled Destiny in Chaotic Times.  Dr. Galardi has spoken to millions of people through broadcast media, national and international newspapers, magazines and live audiences. Dr. Galardi has inspired conference, convention goers and corporate clients alike to master and celebrate change.

“Using The  LifeQuakeTM Resilience Method, employees learn how to access from themselves authentic solutions and then genuinely connect with one another for better team building. Through a workplace of mutual support, they become adaptive, resilient and calm in the face of any stressor which can increase the bottom line even in the midst of massive change —it inspires personal power, productivity, and prosperity!”

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