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Dr. Toni Galardi Soul Purpose Activator and Futurist

I am here to give you the tools to awaken and actuate your true soul purpose. When you do that, you and your world will thrive.

My Invitation To You

Welcome home! Yes, that is my dream for you. That you discover your inner home of knowing, and from this place, that what emerges is your soul’s next true purpose. On this website, I am extending my medicine bag, full of tools to support your journey of awakening, activating, and actuating the next chapter of your life.

You will find articles on my blog, newsletters to give you weekly astrological tips for your work – day, and video content with visualizations. Further, because I wear several professional hats, there will be opportunities to work with me in a one on one coaching partnership, Zoom classes, workshops, my book, and media events when I am interviewed.

What I care most about is to give you the tools and the roadmap to master what I coined in 1987 as LifeQuakesTM. These critical transitions wake you up to your soul’s new purpose so that you then can become an agent of positive change while we navigate through our Global LifeQuakesTM. Your personal investment in your transformation can shift our planet away from being crisis driven, into a place where everyone thrives.

Imagine that!

With love and light,

Dr. Toni

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