Dr. Toni Galardi Soul Purpose Activator and Futurist

I am here to give you the tools to awaken and actuate your true soul purpose. When you do that, you and your world will thrive.

  • Dr. Galardi guided me through the LifeQuake that brought me to my knees. Now, twelve years later, I look back and marvel at how different – and better! – my life has become. I am grateful to have had Dr. Galardi’s guidance and wisdom with me on my journey.
    She is my Spiritual Sherpa, helping me to climb the most difficult mountain of all – the invisible one inside.
    – Randall
  • My heart is full of gratitude for the work I have experienced with you, Dr Toni. You are a gifted shaman, teacher, career coach, astrologer, writer, and you’re also great on TV as a guest expert. How rare to find that embodied in someone who also has the academic and clinical chops to back it up.
    – Hyla Cass MD, psychiatrist and bestselling author
  • I find the greatest teachers are those who give you tools to master your destiny and not be dependent on them. Toni helped me get there through both her coaching and astrological readings and I made permanent, positive changes in my life.
    – Enrico Colantoni, star of CBS’s Flashpoint, Person of Interest and Veronica Mars
  • It is impossible to thank you enough, you gave me a knowing of myself that had previously existed in my head, but now my heart knows it as well. It was a subtle awakening that I’m sure will continue to have a positive impact for the rest of my life. Words of Gratitude and appreciation will never be enough.
    – Paul Chen, publisher of Natural Awakenings Magazine, Atlanta
  • I just heard Dr. Toni speak on The LifeQuake Phenomenon. It really resonated with me. She’s a wonderful presenter, offering really concrete solutions for life transitions.
    – John Ringgenburg, Financial Planner
  • You’re very calming. It’s only been a few minutes and I’m already feeling de-stressed. I feel great!
    – Jillian Barbieri, comment while co-hosting Good Day LA
  • Karen and Mel I can’t say enough how much this interview on your telesummit touched me. Dr. Toni Galardi speaks my language. I have worked with mentors like her who have merged the Quantum Field and Clinical Psychotherapy. Dr. Galardi was wonderful and her words of wisdom resonated deeply. For me…Dr. Galardi is the ‘real thing’. Sending my love and thanks for these important and precious moments you have given us!”
    – Elaine Hausman, Video Performance Coach

My Invitation To You

Welcome home! Yes, that is my dream for you. That you discover your inner home of knowing, and from this place, that what emerges is your soul’s next true purpose. On this website, I am extending my medicine bag, full of tools to support your journey of awakening, activating, and actuating the next chapter of your life.

You will find articles on my blog, newsletters to give you weekly astrological tips for your work – day, and video content with visualizations. Further, because I wear several professional hats, there will be opportunities to work with me in a one on one coaching partnership, Zoom classes, workshops, my book, and media events when I am interviewed.

What I care most about is to serve you in developing the skills to master change in the midst of a critical transition, as well as before a devastating crisis hits so you can repurpose, and then become an agent of change in your world. Your personal investment in your transformation can shift our planet away from being crisis driven, into a place where everyone thrives.

Imagine that!

With love and light,

Dr. Toni

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