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Dr. Toni Galardi Soul Purpose Activator and Futurist

I am here to give you the tools to awaken and actuate your true soul purpose. When you do that, you and your world will thrive.

My Invitation To You

Welcome home! Yes, that is my dream for you. That you discover your inner home of knowing, and from this place, that what emerges is your soul’s next true purpose. On this website, I am extending my medicine bag, full of tools to support your journey of awakening, activating, and actuating the next chapter of your life.

You will find articles on my blog, newsletters to give you weekly astrological tips for your work – day, and video content with visualizations. Further, because I wear several professional hats, there will be opportunities to work with me in a one on one coaching partnership, Zoom classes, workshops, my book, and media events when I am interviewed.

What I care most about is to give you the tools and the roadmap to master what I coined in 1987 as LifeQuakesTM. These critical transitions wake you up to your soul’s new purpose so that you then can become an agent of positive change while we navigate through our Global LifeQuakesTM. Your personal investment in your transformation can shift our planet away from being crisis driven, into a place where everyone thrives.

Imagine that!

With love and light,

Dr. Toni

The LifeQuakeTM Miracles Tribe

Lunar Eclipse Activation in Scorpio

Become a Transformational LIFEQUAKETM Miracles Tribe Member – Only $29.97 a month!

Harness, Ignite and Mobilize Your Maximum Manifesting Power Through Joining This Group of Supportive, Inspirational Global Family Members Led by Astrologer, Psychotherapist, and Shamanic Healer Dr. Toni Galardi

Once a month on each new moon, this powerful community gathers from across the globe. In one transformative hour you will clear stagnant energy, access next-step guidance from your higher wisdom, and simultaneously participate in a massive healing for our planet.  

In between monthly sessions you can replay edited segments of each healing activation, the monthly astrology tips, and medical astrology tips or view entire activation to continue your journey and expand your auric vibration—as often as you’d like. Here’s what some tribal members have to say:

I’ve been on a path of personal development for many years. In the past 7 months I have really gotten a lot out of your new moon activations. I am going to be 50 this year and even though I will always be an artist, the pursuit for this next chapter of my life and maturity is to use my creative visions towards helping those with grief and loss, with a sense of connection through environmental conservation. What I am finding from both the personal guided meditations you take us through and the one oriented toward global healing is the influence it is having on the foundation and development of my new company, truly using the creative vision to extend way beyond the self and into the global mission. What is clear from joining these zoom meetings, is that it’s so important to do the work, to show up, to listen with gratitude and openness, and to tune in. You, dear Toni, set the stage, create the path for us to walk on in our own journey during these activations. 

You are a wonderful guide, and it would behoove any who wish to seek out their higher purpose to follow you!

Thank you so very very much

Xx Caroline 

“Just hours after listening to an activation, I started lifting heavier weights and doing more repetitions during my usual work-out. I always gain deep clarity and direction after hearing an activation but it never occurred to me that it would also align my body.Thank you, Dr. Toni! You’re not only aiding my soul you’re helping me get buff!”

-April Grossinger

“Thank you so much for an awesome meditation! For starters, I loved the history and context followed by the specifics for this full moon lunar eclipse. Then the meditation. I went there as you did the “healing collective.” I envisioned being part of a healing temple, from both ancient times (Atlantean?) and a future time, a synergistic community of healers, bringing in and facilitating energies with mutual healing of each other and the planet, bringing love, peace, and joy.

Hyla Cass, MD

Your Affordable, $29.97 Tribal Membership Includes:

  • A live virtual event each month on the new moon with your individual and planetary healing activations and important astrological tips to help you in the month ahead
  • Access to 12-months of activation events and replays to use as often as you would like to manifest more of your authentic being – at your own pace
  • FREE BONUS audio materials to support your individual Soul Purpose goals

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