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Dr. Toni Galardi Soul Purpose Activator and Futurist

Awakening and Actuating Your Next Soul Purpose

Are you excited to meet your work day?

Does your life reflect joy filled purpose?

Are your health practices stimulating a strong immune system?

Do you want the secrets to staying abundant and resilient in the midst of and beyond LifeQuakesTM?

About the Course

A lot has been written about people living healthy past 100 in one of the Blue Zone areas of the world. Relative to the rest of the world, they have had mild outbreaks of the Corona 19 virus.

What if it were possible for you to have the secrets to being happy, healthy and fulfilled where you live right now?

One of the keys to a healthy immune system lies in living your next act with a passionate purpose.

Before that can happen, all the beliefs about change and your next vocation of destiny have to dissolve. Dr. Galardi has devised a method for this discovery and manifestation by taking you into the quantum field where your full potential self already exists.

Dr. Toni’s Zoom classes have been taken by Gen Xers, Baby Boomers, and Millenials, assisting them in the exciting journey of finding out what they are here to do next.

Let Dr Galardi’s 9 month Zoom class (once a month live and recorded), with four weekly one on one phone calls with your purpose partner) show you at the body, mind, and spirit level how to live aligned with your soul purpose!

You get to enjoy a fun filled, transformational class with her live and recorded from wherever you are in the world.

The next Zoom class starts at 9:00 AM – 10:30 AM PDT Saturday January 9th, 2021

About Dr. Toni


Dr. Toni Galardi is a licensed psychotherapist, key note speaker, futurist, career coach, shamanic teacher, nationally published advice columnist, and the author of The LifeQuakeTM Miracle: Awakening to Your True Purpose in Times of Personal and Global Upheaval 



”Dr. Toni Galardi is a gift from heaven.  I just finished her 9 month Zoom course. Dr. Toni carries love in her work and it is felt when she speaks and how she listens.  She was able to guide our group with ease and her influence for each month served as a beacon of light shining brightly.  As we moved through the course, we each had a buddy to share highs and lows of self-discovery.  I marveled at Dr Toni’s skill with each story that was shared by participants.  Because she is qualified to facilitate many patterns of life  she quickly guided each participant to release negative situations and showered and taught unconditional self-love.  The results in our group was extraordinary.  I feel a missing in my life now that the course has ended.  I highly recommend this class to those looking for deeper contact with self.  In my practice as a naturopath, this class supported me in  creating a divinely inspired  plan and claiming my hidden gifts.  Personally, It taught me how to release fear and how to step up to be seen and heard releasing old ways of showing up.  Dr. Toni is a stellar mentor and to be part of her courses promises a life changing experience.” – Cheryl Diane Beatson


Register here in the next 24 hours and you receive a $200 discount! 

The nine month course with the new moon discount is $797. After March 25th, the price goes up to $997. I am keeping this class small so that I can give one on one to class participants. First 8 people who sign up are in.


Drop Me A Line

If you have any questions about the course, don’t be shy drop me a line and ask!