Moving Backward in August

In Italy, anyone who can afford a vacation and even some who can’t, join a mass exodus out of “the boot”.
In New York, all the traditional analysts also tend to leave town during this last month of summer. Of course, it might have something to do with the weather in these two areas being quite comparable: hot and humid.
This year, even if you cannot afford to get away, I would highly suggest taking a staycation at home. If we include the nodes of the moon, we have 8 planets in our galaxy in retrograde. What this means is that we are all being called to go within and be still.

If you hate to meditate, I suggest a walking meditation in nature, reading literature that encourages you to contemplate your life and its direction, or exercise that has a meditative quality like Qi Gong, yoga, or T’ai Chi. The key is moving more deliberately in slower motion.

One of my Italian secrets for moving through change is to take a nap every day. Many of my clients have commented on a great deal of fatigue right now. This is the universe’s way of pulling you inside even if just for a half hour.

Retrogrades are also about going over things we’ve done before and either releasing them or revising them. This venus retrograde begun just a few days ago has been manifesting already with people ending both professional and personal relationships and moving on. I would not advise starting new projects that require launching before late September, if at all possible. This is a good time for planning and listening to your inner self and your sleeping dreams when you awaken.

In the meantime, aim for these great four letter words: Stay cool, calm, and kind.

Buon Ferragosto!