July 11th

Living intentionally is the key to all success. On each new moon we have an opportunity for a do-over. When we cast our intention with group support, miracles can happen. The Divine Field melts away the “you” that is in the way of your soul purpose.

Dr. Toni Galardi

Well, we are in the waning of the moon and the effects of the lunar eclipses have begun. For those who haven’t participated in the last two eclipse activations, ( and a reminder for those who have), these two lunar eclipses are triggering massive change. Typically, we feel them coming three months in advance ( remember early April when you were encouraged to stay at home) and three months after. This last eclipse, because it was opposing the Unites States sun in cancer, has brought massive change every time we have had an eclipse affecting the U.S. chart every 19 years. Further, it has shown historically to affect the whole world.

On top of that, Mars moved into its own feisty sign of Aries a few weeks ago for the next six months squaring the eclipses and the line up of Jupiter, Pluto, and Saturn in Capricorn demanding revolutionary and evolutionary change. I know the energy feels intense right now and for some people, wearing a mask and staying home is enough to create safety but the solar eclipse in Cancer at 0 degrees on June 21 and the lunar eclipse in Capricorn opposing the sign of Cancer is challenging us to ask the question, what actually creates real safety and security? Cancer rules the mother, the family, and safety and security and Capricorn rules the father, our career, responsibility and also society’s mores, and who our real tribe is, so it is not surprising that the eclipse in Cancer and Capricorn is bringing this issue up globally. I understand the desire to have certainty. I was born under a triple cancer line up in my astrological chart, but every time my soul was calling me to make major changes and I ignored the signs, I paid a catastrophic price. However, it led to my developing tools to steady my emotional and physical body and then share them with you in my book and cds, and coaching.

A few months ago I shared the story of Andre’ Bechamp and his theory around germs that challenged Pasteur. Pasteur’s germ theory ( that the bacteria itself causes the disease) won out over Bechamp who put the focus on the bio-terrain of the host, because Pasteur had wealthy friends so greater connections for his scientific studies.

Why I think germ theory is still really alive and well is because Bechamp put the responsibility for health on the individual. The wealthy French of that time did not want to give up their comfort foods and extreme consumption of le vin (fermented sugar that microbes love to feast off of) to strengthen their immune systems. The wealthy of that time had health habits that were rich with saturated fat and carbs as well. Today, some people still don’t want to do what it takes to have a healthy immune system. The opportunity of this time is that we are re-examining societal beliefs and mores on so many fronts: how to thrive in tough economic times, what creates a healthy immune system, our educational system is being restructured, etc. This is what Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn in the sign that rules society and structure, Capricorn requires: sweeping change across the board and taking personal responsibility for the life you create.

Jonas Salk, the scientist who discovered the vaccine for polio (ahem, not a virus) said that evolution selects who fits best for the mandate of the evolutionary leap of that time. Although who could run the fastest may have been an important survival technique in primitive times, for our immune systems to be healthy and thrive in this next decade, not only is it about what we eat but we also have to take on our relationship to fear and deeper than that, how strong is your inner listening to higher wisdom above all else.

If you can “see” through the hype of everyone’s agenda (not just Fox news) and surrender to how higher wisdom is guiding you especially if your life is in major transition, you will move through this time and morph into a you that is without your old story. Everyone’s old story is being called to be shed. What is exciting now is that new tribes are forming. With the help of the internet, we are transcending our national tribe into a global tribe. Further, there are many thought leaders forming communities through membership forums.

Eight years ago I launched a program for helping people enhance their resilience during times of change. One critical part of my thesis was and still is is that high levels of oxytocin ( the bonding hormone) help people adapt to uncertainty during times of transition. One way to get those needs met in a time of social distancing is through group support. I intentionally give two activations on the moon events because we know that both setting intentions for our own evolution as well as group intentions for a healthy planet improves T cells in the immune system.

Because I am not physically able to reach everyone who needs help repurposing their lives, I too am creating a tribe for those who are ready to live intentionally. Research has shown that because we are tribal beings, we do better moving through these uncertain times with the support of others. My intention for Dr Toni’s Soul Purpose Tribe is to hold the energy for your intentions once a month on the new moon. You will have an opportunity to engage once a month, how you want to intend the next month to follow. You will be given the option of sending me your intention in the week before the new moon which I will put in a sacred bowl and will read out loud anonymously everyone’s individual intentions, into the Divine Field created. When I have done this in previous years, one of the comments I received was that other people’s intentions gave participants ideas for their own. And I will be sharing some of my tools in this live, once a month program from my “medicine bag” that are in written form in my new book coming out soon.

Here is just one of many shares from the last event:Dr. Toni, my experience with your eclipse activation was so powerful that my body kept sizzling for hours after. I felt like something was restructuring in my body. I’ve had a lot of physical challenges while in career transition the last year and I felt something had shifted from your program. I look forward to more. Jane S.

SRT Members

A one year membership of 12 activations is $240 ( $20 a month), and less than the cost of one coaching session with me. For those who wish to pay month to month, the fee will be $25 a month. I believe deep in my soul and 30 years of hands on clinical experience that we are moving into a time that is requiring alignment with our soul purpose, real integrity. People staying in jobs or careers that are soul sucking are taxing their immune systems at such a level, it will be unsustainable to evolve in the new world we are creating as the old one deconstructs. They say it takes a village to raise a child. I believe it also takes a tribe who holds space for each member finding their soul song, for us all to thrive. The membership will allow for that powerful matrix to happen.

Right now until the end of July 21st, you can enjoy all the activations I created the last few months, free of charge for the next week so you can decide if you want to join our launch on July 22nd at 5:00 PM PDT.

Astrology Tips For the Month:

Mercury stations direct in Cancer on Sunday, July 12th but does not even begin to move forward until Wednesday. Monday morning, July 13th we also have a void moon from 8:54 AM PDT, 11:54 AM EDT until 1:34 PM making monday morning a slow go. A great time to file taxes though as “nothing comes of agreements made on void moons”.

Wednesday, July 15th Mercury finally begins to move forward. yea!

Friday, July 17th the moon goes void on the west coast PDT at 2:14 PM. I recommend starting your weekend early.

Late Monday, July 20th we have the second new moon in Cancer. If you can wait to launch projects until then, I highly encourage it. Mercury will have had a chance to get going some and with the new moon and Mercury energy in the sign that rules the tribe, as a collective consciousness, there might be a heightened sense of urgency to belong to a bigger soul tribe than just your family of origin.

The real power day coming though is July 22nd. It’s a 33 day, the number of the Christed Consciousness. Happens rarely. I purposely set the next new moon activation for this day to ignite your intentions with the most powerful frequency of Divine Love that comes through on this day. A truly powerful day to launch new undertakings and intentions.

In my future healing activations for those joining the Soul Repurposing Tribe, I will be working in-depth with building a new Divine Masculine within us all that partners with the divine feminine in every human for sacred inner partnership and as Capricorn rules the career house, how to use this partnership for healthy, happy career success in spite of the accelerated, sometimes very intense energy of this spiritual transition.

If you want to keep receiving this guidance for the weekly forecast, plus the activation and other tools from my book, I invite you to join for $25 a month, or $20 a month if paid annually.

Until July 22nd, this site is free for all to peruse and utilize. https://drtonigalardi.com/srt-members/#Aboutthecourse

I will continue the free version of the newsletter for those not in the membership tribe, only once a month.

In closing, I invite you to join with others this month in whatever way you see fit to set powerful intentions for a new world where we do experience all of humanity as “La Famiglia”.

With much love and affection,

Dr. Toni