Seven Tips for Resilience While the Changing Planets Ignite Autumn

Historically, among early tribes and aboriginal peoples, when an individual had a breakdown it was seen as a breakthrough; that person often became a healer, shaman, or prophet. He or she would leave the tribe and go into the forest or desert on an initiatory journey. They were believed to have left the ordinary world behind to connect with the non- ordinary realm to bring new information and insight.

Dr. Toni Galardi

We are in an interesting time this month as the planets shift and change from several in retrograde motion to some moving forward. The archetype of Libra is asking of us to weigh things before speaking or taking action. Mars, the planet of aggression and how we move through life will continue to be in Libra throughout October. In the sign that rules diplomacy and seeing things from another’s perspective, there is an urgent call to do just that. The god of war will merge with the feminine new moon on Wednesday and will also tap dance with Mercury in retrograde also in Libra through this month. 

The shadow side of Libra is considering too many options. Sun and Venus sign Librans are famous for their over mental processing of decisions and taking forever to take action. For this month, this is actually a good thing. This is a good time of doing research on future projects but not launching anything yet. Spend time in solitude whenever you can to nourish your kidneys. Libra rules the kidneys in medical astrology. Cultivate tolerance and peace with those whose opinions are different than your own. The most famous sun sign Libra example of this is Mohandas Gandhi. 

October may bring financial upsets as we build toward the Taurus/Scorpio money lunar eclipse Nov 19th.

November will bring all things Scorpio – Sun, Moon, Mercury and Mars. We will have intense sex, money, and death themes showing up in the media and a lot of energy to move things forward. However, for now, focus on yours and your fellow humans peace using a contemplative practice that you find calming to your nervous system.

The more sleep you get this month will also serve your adrenals next month – Mars in Libra can really test the kidneys and when it goes into Scorpio on Halloween, the adrenals. For now, as the temperature drops in most parts of the country by month’s end, two great herbs for kidneys are dandelion and nettles. Dandelion and Nettles teas are both great support for the kidneys and so much better for you than an afternoon caffeine pick me up.

Before we knew about Covid, a friend came back from India with a vicious flu in February of 2020 and his partner swears that drinking these teas prevented him from ever getting it. The kidneys in Chinese medicine are the organ that most deals with fear so the more calm you can stay this month, the more it will serve your immune system. And having a strong immune system this winter is critical when revolution begins to emerge. Think – the 1960’s.

Surround yourself with people you feel at ease with and at home with this month as much as possible. Further, cultivate an optimism no matter what the news would have you believe is going on in the world.

Taking a stand for transformation emerging from the chaos is also prep for November. Be a source of fierce joy for yourself and everyone you connect with.

Although Mercury will go direct on Oct 18th, along with Jupiter and Saturn, I reiterate, wait until November to launch new projects. If you take on peace and empathy this month, your spiritual evolution ( and everyone else’s too) will go far.

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With so much love and affection,

Dr. Toni