How to Make the Most of Venus Retrograde

Self love is such an obtuse thing. What does it really mean? Without taking time to feed the inner self, it isn’t possible. 

Dr Toni Galardi

So, let’s get to it. The last time Venus went retrograde in Leo was July 25th to September 9th, 2015 with a month on each side for its shadow. Think back on that period and reflect on your relationships. I took a peek at this period and lo and behold, in spite of that Venus retrograde in the sign that rules love not transiting a house that rules relationships, it did bring a former beau Ihad dated for 4 years back into my life that August who proposed in October of 2015. I should have known better. Although it came with an $80,000 engagement ring to a Leo Sun man, it was not meant to be and by the following March we realized we really were not suited for one another after all and that the engagement’s real purpose was to take our relationship as far as we could to complete it. 

So, I wanted to start this with a cautionary tale. Venus retros can bring break ups to relationships in a wobbly shape and even enhance committed relationships to go through their trials and tribulations. If you are in a relationship, make no firm decisions now until late October. I wouldn’t, however, join a dating site until October but there is good news. So, let’s look at the characteristics of Leo in its strengths and challenges: Leo rules both leadership and play so I would suggest leading with your heart this summer into what truly makes your heart sing. Leo rules the king, the performer, big-heartedness and generosity, as well as loyalty, and confidence. On the other hand, this sign is known for its narcissism, and tendency to create drama around them. The word narcissism has been thrown around a lot but most people do not know what it actually means. The true clinical definition of narcissism is not about being selfish, by the way. Aries have that reputation. No, it means that your sense of self and self worth comes from the reflection of others: if you are loved, you feel great. If you are criticized, you feel inadequate. Narcissus, in the Greek myth saw his reflection in a pond and fell in love with the reflection ( before we had mirrors and social media) and reached out to embrace him not knowing how to swim, and drowned in the water.

So, Venus retrogrades are meant to be a time for SELF reflection and self care. Take a look at your unhealed trauma wounds. Do you spend enough time in stillness alone? Do you give YOURSELF credit for good deeds done or accomplishments? This is an invaluable time the next few months to bring in embodiment practices that enhance true sovereignty such as setting better boundaries with others, putting lotion on your body after a shower with intention for appreciating your body, if you are a woman, doing breast massage with your favorite essential oils ( not only enhances breast health but is great for your lymphatic system), spending 30 minutes in stillness every day, walking in nature, etc Treat yourself like a queen or king and see what happens.

Kate Middleton, Queen to be

Although Kate was born under the sign of the CEO, Capricorn, she has a Leo rising. In our country, until the most recent president, every president since George Bush Sr, had either the sun or rising sign in Leo. Kate, however, was born under a full moon so her moon sign is Cancer. If the time that astro-theme has for her is correct, her north node is in the 12th house of the mystic, and in Cancer. She has a stellium of planets in the 6th house of service including her sun and Venus. Her Venus is in retrograde and her Saturn in the house of the mind makes a square to her moon. This usually means that she had a very austere mother and probably internalized a pretty big inner critic.

She needs to practice self care which is not easy for her. In my research for my new book coming out October 1, BreastQuake, I share in one chapter about the medical astrology of breast cancer. I studied the charts of 35 celebrities who have had breast cancer and all except Sheryl Crow had planets at the sun moon or ascendant in a water sign. Of the men, all had the astrological sign of Cancer at either the sun, moon, or ascendant. Cancer in medical astrology rules the breast. The thing that Kate need to watch is holding her emotions in because Capricorns can appear very stoic and with her being British and having the archetype of the judge, Saturn challenging her very sensitive moon can make for a tendency to hold in pain and allow it to get locked into the body. She still has lots of juicy hormones given her age of 41, but in 20 years, when estrogen is no longer protecting her, she could be susceptible to breast cancer. She will have huge responsibilities as queen and is more of an emotional person under that Leo persona than Queen Elizabeth was. Having her Venus retrograde and south node in the house of health means she has to take extra care of providing down time for herself to avoid illnesses after age 50 from an aggregate of unprocessed stress in her body. Sarah Ferguson who was once married to Prince Andrew was recently diagnosed with early stage breast cancer and has shared openly about the traumas she suffered when the press were so vicious at one time calling her ugly and Princess Diana, the pretty one. I looked up “Fergie’s” chart and she has her Mercury conjunct the ascendant in Scorpio, a water sign. 

Does this mean that everyone who has water planets at the sun, moon, or ascendant are prone to cancer? No. But if one does self love and self care practices every day, I do believe in 80% of cases, any woman may be able to avert breast cancer if she does trauma release work. I give this example by way of saying to all women, at the end of every day, process any stress or traumatic experiences you may have had by scanning the day and releasing any emotions you are aware of from your body. Then, fill it with light. In a few months I will be offering a CD with guided meditations for enhancing your breast health and immune system. 

Twice a year I give a reduction to my soul blueprint readings at Xmas and my birthday. Am now at the tail end of my birthday month. Had a fantastic birthday yesterday. Anyway, act now if you want a reading. This offer ends on Saturday. Do not go to my website, if you are interested in this. The fee there is still $497 as always.Write to me directly at to receive the 20% discount. One of the things I discovered in my research of women who develop breast cancer is the role that a lack of soul purpose plays in one’s career or work life. If that is feeling like you, reach out. I may not be offering this again this year because the last quarter I will be launching the book. Whatever you do this month, use the Venus retrograde to strengthen an intimate relationship with yourself, you deserve it!

Love and light,

Dr Toni