Change Management Astrology for This Week

Four Astrological Tips For Managing Change This Week
What an in between time this week is! We all should be roaring to go now that Labor Day is behind us and yet … the ambition, drive, and even vision is still blurry…
Here’s why:
Several planets are moving out of retro. I offer you here some direction on the highest mastery in this transitional time through these four tips:
1) The moon is waning, time for completion of projects. Wait until after next Sunday to initiate new ones.
2) Although Mars and Mercury are now direct, they are still moving very slowly. Mars ordinarily moves a degree in a day and a half. It will take a week for it to move one degree.
Mercury usually moves about 14 degrees in a week and it moved ten this week so it is slowly gaining momentum.
3) Saturn, the taskmaster (sometimes inner slave driver in us) which has been retrograde for five months, stations direct on Thursday. Saturn will move a half of one degree by Sep 30. Saturn rules the father, authority figures, responsibility, being an adult, and the career domain. It also rules what we have brought in as karmic restriction from previous lives that has us compelled to work hard at something or where we are inhibited or insecure. For example, people who have Saturn in their money house usually have money because they work very hard at attaining it, but never feel that they have enough. I have seen Saturn in the house of writing and communication in the charts of famous authors who never thought that what they had written was good enough or that they had done enough drafts.
 Although Saturn will take a little while to gain its oomph, “the planet that rules where we need to be disciplined” will at least no longer be retrograde. What that means is you will feel a little more drive I predict after September 10 when it can get some help from Mars ( the assertive part of us) that will finally leave Capricorn next week and moves into the air sign of Aquarius. Saturn is in its own sign of Capricorn for another two years and three months. This is the time to career redirect or refine your life purpose if you are going to thrive in the next economic correction. When Saturn moves into the next sign of Aquarius, the universe and Saturn will not let you lie to yourself about your purpose here without paying a big price so I advise getting started now so you don’t incur a LifeQuake later. Two years goes by fast.
4) Use the new moon on Sunday after 11:00 AM PDT to set your intention for the month. With the new moon in Virgo, I would suggest looking at a place in your life that needs more critical analysis. Where can you reassign that noisy nag the egoic mind, (also called your inner critic), a job that doesn’t hurt your self esteem? Clean out a few closets and get ready for a change of seasons or edit something you’ve written to completion and then send it out or begin incorporating more warming foods with the seasonal change.
Another way to use the part of you that is both Virgo and Capricorn is to note where you are fearful or inhibited. Everyone has Virgo ruling somewhere in their horoscope. Further, this is the house placement for the new moon this month in your personal chart. It could be in the area of how you parent, how you take care of your home, how you show up as a partner or friend, and how to spiritually parent yourself so that the inner critic doesn’t have to do the job so severely.
Verbalizing intentions give them much more power and verbalizing them in a group consciousness even more power. When you go deep into either a guided or individual meditation, access where the energy in your body is blocked, bring light into that area for healing, go to the Higher Self for direction and THEN take action, this is Saturn at its best, the very nature of Spiritual Adulthood. I will sharing tools for this in the program launching Sunday eve.
We have a few slots left in our Activating Miracles on the Monthly New Moon Series still open for anyone ready to melt those old Saturn patterns into monthly breakthroughs that will build on one another into the new year of 2019 and our next Solar Eclipse on Jan 6. Contact me to register: 310-890-6832.
We will be clearing Saturn blockages in this program through the healings that Daniela and I will be activating in each person during these programs. In esoteric astrology, it has been said that the rings around Saturn reflect the inner barriers we come into this life with, based on past life actions.
Traditionally, one had to work hard to clear the karmic debt brought in by Saturn. Case in point, I have a client who is a very big star in the acting world and has the planet of luck, Jupiter in his career house, but he has Saturn in the house of family and he has had to support his family since he was a teenage actor, including both his parents. I have been working with him on his beliefs mentally, emotionally, and physically through reprogramming his ancestral DNA. If you clear the beliefs, you clear the karma. I am very excited to share this spiritual technology with the group that is gathering for the New Moon.
I invite you to join us if you feel at all pulled. There will be recordings to replay after for those who can’t make it in real time. Call now – 310-890-6832 to register.
So, in summary, formulate new goals after Sunday’s new moon but allow your Higher Self to guide the visioning process in the dream time now. For those registered or drawn to register for this new program on Sunday evening, pay attention to your dreams as we build the energy toward Sunday’s new moon.
Beginning five days before each new moon, is a period called the dark of the moon. If you can, refrain from having any surgical procedures during this time or as I mentioned above, launching any new projects.
Completion is the operative word, mindful completion. You will feel more energy next week but with 6 planets in earth signs, the call is to move forward with grounded mindfulness and patience with all the people around you who aren’t moving very fast, either.
 It is all about intention, baby. Set your intention before sleep for the acceleration you want to see happen and then find like minded people to share them with, out loud. Pay attention to how it feels in your body when you declare out loud what you want to achieve this month.
I am also offering a career/life purpose coaching package for new clients who prefer personal attention that is 20% off and amounts to 3 sessions at no cost, only until September 30.
Happy Virgo New Moon!
With great love and affection,
Dr. Toni