Neptune Retrograde – Making Your Dreams Come True or Deception?

What a powerful time it is! When Mars goes retro next week, we will have 5 planets retro as we move toward these three eclipses in July and August. Not surprising that there was a major earthquake in Osaka, Japan. We are three weeks away from the first eclipse at 21 degrees of Cancer. Eclipses bring the death of people in the limelight often six weeks before or after (Mother Teresa, Princess Di, John Kennedy Jr). In ancient times, they called it “the fall of the king”.


Anthony Bourdain was born in the early degrees of Cancer and Kate Spade in the polar opposite sign of Capricorn also in early degrees. Both had the planet Uranus coming into orb with their sun. Uranus can make us do impulsive things as well as trigger earthquakes.


Today I want to talk about my favorite planet: Neptune. Now, from a Western World point of view, Neptune is not as highly valued as say, Jupiter or Uranus is because it rules that which is unseen and works us on the subtle body level. Neptune rules the dreamtime, mysticism, meditation, retreats, monasteries, fog, intuition, and imagination.  It also rules the collective unconscious.


As neuroscience is showing us how profound an impact that meditation has on the brain, in time we will see how important it is to look at Neptune in your chart. It will show you where you can be fooled or deceive yourself and it will also show the road for you specifically that will assist in reaching your most enlightened state.


One of the ways to contact Neptune and feel its powers is through the dreamtime. As a Jungian trained psychotherapist, I have personally and professionally experienced the power of recording and interpreting one’s dreams. One of my clients received information in a dream to pull her money out of the stock market, one week before the 2008 crash. Another saw the trade towers being bombed the night before 9/11. I have been told to take certain supplements that my body needed. I was given a message in my dreams the night before the Northridge earthquake. Artists and inventors get many inspirations through the dreamtime.


I have also gotten creative ideas in my dreams. However, dream recall is not easy for most busy people and one has to really apply effort through keeping a blank pad by your bed or your cell phone turned off but ready to be used to record the download upon awakening.  Meditating before bed also helps. If you have a dilemma or problem you want your intuition to help you with, write it down and put it near your bed before sleeping at night.


When planets go retrograde, the impact of that planet’s function in our world intensifies. If you work with your dreams over the next four months and keep up a steady meditation practice, your brain can reformat into greater serenity and bring you greater creative juice.  As the next few months are pulling us inward ( if we listen), it is a great time to do focused coaching.


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From my heart to yours,

Dr. Toni