The paradox of chaos: Are you in a LifeQuake?

“The times they are a-changin’.” Looking back now, Bob Dylan’s lyric is remarkable for its sense of understatement. Not only are the times a-changin,’ but they are doing so with increased speed, greater force, and deeper magnitude. Look at the world we live in—for most of us, there is a constant demand to learn new technology just to live and work at the most basic level. Travel has become a security-driven nightmare, and climactic changes are arguably reaching startling levels. Is there an aspect of your life that isn’t subject to wholesale change with all its attendant chaos? Given the current state of things, I find chaos a relevant topic, one worth examining more fully.

In ancient Greek mythology, chaos was the primordial womb from which the first gods and goddesses were born. Gaia, the first deity, emerged from this dark void space. Symbolically, she would come to represent Mother Earth, the very stuff from which we evolved. So, in a manner of speaking, you could say that chaos is in our DNA. In the world of quantum physics, once organisms reach their maximum structural potential they burst into chaos, only to reorganize at a higher level. A more readily visible example of this actually comes by way of the cycle of the four seasons: things that come to life in the spring flourish in the summer, only to die in the autumn. After falling to the ground, they decompose, fertilizing the very ground they came from. Yet when cycles end in our lives and things start to deconstruct, we resist the change and resultant chaos, even though it is every bit a natural part of life as the passing seasons.

So, what is the impact of that resistance? More importantly, how is it manifesting for you?

Well, maybe you’ve recently noticed a distinct shift in the nature of your relationships with others. Or perhaps you’ve become aware of a loss of passion and fire in your life, a feeling that, come to think of it, has been around a lot longer than you care to remember. Even more difficult, maybe what you’ve been feeling lately isn’t even that discernible, you might say it’s like a spiritual itch you can’t quite scratch.

These can all be early signs of what I call a LifeQuake™.

Hi, my name is Dr. Toni Galardi. I coined the term ‘LifeQuake’ to describe a phenomenon I have witnessed in both the lives of my clients and seminar attendees, as well as in my own personal life. I began to see symptoms that looked like clinical depression, anxiety, and addiction issues but were actually paradoxical signs of spiritual awakening – an awakening to a life led by your intuition with a career that’s a calling not just a job.

So, what exactly is a LifeQuake, and how does it show up? If we see ourselves as microcosms of the planet, then we too each have a core encased in layers. Your Wholy Self is in your core being, the highest manifestation of the person you really are. However, it is typically buried under layers made up of societal programs, familial indoctrination, and even religious beliefs, which keeps it from reaching full expression at the surface of your consciousness. When your Wholy Self stirs, your core starts to rumble, softly at first, but if left unattended, it does so with ever-deepening intensity. If you resist that intensification by ignoring it, pressure builds in the fault lines of your psyche. As in an earthquake, so it goes with a LifeQuake—the longer the quaking, the more devastating the fallout. When left to reach its most intense level of resistance, the tremors within you will bring catastrophe into your life from which there is no retreat—now you have to change, like it or not.

Can you relate to this? write to me about your experiences.