Thriving, not just surviving, an economic LifeQuake

Dr. Galardi was recently invited on Fox News 5 in San Diego to discuss her suggestions for surviving a LifeQuake™. Below is footage from the interview:

The recent events at Merrill Lynch, Lehman Brothers and Bear Stearns have dangerously mirrored the historic market crash of 1929. The economy is in a sad state and it’s no secret: the dollar continues to suffer overseas while Americans keep their wallets tight domestically, real estate continues to plummet and the unemployment rate is affecting all strata of Americans. Loaded words like bankruptcy and financial crisis have been thrown around by the media. Keeping optimistic and viewing this unstable time as an opportunity for positive transformation is a challenge for most.

Dr. Toni Galardi, aka “The LifeQuake™ Doctor,” has developed seven steps for preparing for and adapting to economic loss and, ultimately, using this as an opportunity for evolutionary change in your life. You can also learn more by visiting the LifeQuake™ website at

1) Mastering the first stage of a LifeQuake™ requires developing the power of observation. Greed blinds people from seeing when a bull market is beginning its decline.
Developing keen observation allows you to anticipate when the tide is turning in the market.

2) Take an inventory of what is now ‘DEFUNCTIONAL’ and get rid of it. What aspects of your life are you spending money on that are no longer life giving?

3) Detach. What are you holding on to that could bring loss or crisis to your life? Let go of unneeded things before you are forced to.

4) After your life has gone through the radical change you feared, there is an opportunity to examine what security means to you. What beliefs do you hold about yourself that are being challenged by economic loss?

5) Design the new blueprint. We need to design our psyche so we have emotional retrofitting that helps us adapt to the rapid changes of 21st century. Create a lifestyle that has simplicity in both good and bad times.

6) Develop a fertile mind that views an economic LifeQuake™ the way a farmer looks at seasons. Before you go to sleep at night, come up with three things from that day that you are gaining out of the crisis you are in. This trains the mind to cultivate opportunity inside every loss. The cow manure of your life really can be fertilizer for manifesting a future harvest after the winter cycle.

7) Give back. Altruism pays off in the economic long term. It has been shown through numerous studies that charitable giving increases your immunity and overall health. The best way to pull out of an economic slump is to give of yourself. It actually feels good to do your part to make the world a better place and executing a practice of giving creates an expansion that draws positive thing to you.