Interview with Fascinating Authors.com

For those interested in the back story of writing this book and my writing process, I have included in my blog this interview with me by FascinatingAuthors.com Fascinating Authors Author Profile – Toni Galardi: The LifeQuake Phenomenon Q: Why did you decide to write this book?…READ MORE

Selfishness Versus Self Sacrifice: Which is the best survival mechanism?

  I just finished reading a fascinating article on the debate between selfishness and altruism in evolutionary theory.bhttp://seedmagazine.com/content/article/altruism_vs._selfishness_case_closed/ Although the research shows that the selfish individual will out perform the altruistic individual when pitted against each other, once you put them in a group of selfish people versus a group of self sacrificing individuals, the altruistic group succeeds best.…READ MORE

Boredom: The First Sign of Career Transition

  Jason came in to see me describing himself as bored with his job. His goal for our work together was to find his purpose in life without risking any financial loss. After fifteen years in middle management in a large pharmaceutical firm that provided great benefits, he had lost interest in his work.…READ MORE

Michael Jackson/Peter Pan: A Cautionary Tale For Us All

I have resisted blogging about Michael Jackson. Not because I didn’t have my own opinions about what really killed him but it seems so opportunistic to weigh in when so much has already been said. I questioned rather my take was an offering or not and then I realized how much he represents an archetype in the American psyche that I think is hurting us all, actually.…READ MORE

The LifeQuake Rx For the Real Bailout

Bail Out.  Webster defines this two ways: To obtain someone’s release. To post security. So I was thinking about what that might mean for ourselves. What would it mean to psychologically or even spiritually bail out ourselves?  Recently, a client came back to see me who had bailed her parents out by taking care of them both physically and financially for several months.…READ MORE

Choosing a Career As a Writer in Tough Economic Times

Many great writers have spoken and written about the challenges of choosing to become a writer as a vocational path. Making a comfortable living at it is practically like winning the lotto. Further, when you’ve been doing something else as a career that you were academically trained for and was able to support yourself doing, it really seems illogical.…READ MORE

Spring Cleaning

The media is scaring the heck out of people and some of that is good. We’ve been needing  to get out of denial and wake up to the fact that we’ve been overextending ourselves financially in this country. However, what I’ve been seeing in my practice is a paralysis and an increase in addictive behaviors to numb out from the overwhelming fear people have that the entire country is going belly up.…READ MORE