Solar Eclipse in Leo and A Week of Great Acceleration

“True freedom is when all the stories, all the insights, all the realizations, concepts, beliefs and positions dissolve. What remains is what you are; a vast, conscious, luminous space simply resting in itself, not knowing a thing, at the point where all things are possible.”
“Om is the God of love. Like a loving mother, Chanting Om cleans us of our clutters collected through many incarnations.”
The Summer of Great Change – August Eclipse
In all of my 27 years as an astrologer, I can honestly say I have never seen such a line up of intense light pouring onto the planet as the last 6 weeks, and next week it ratchets up even further. The frequency shift is reconstructing us all, if we let it.
The week leading up to the last solar eclipse of the year on August 11 is a doozy! I know I sound repetitive from what we experienced leading up to the lunar eclipse but it is that kind of summer, folks.
Before I get into next week’s “excitement”, I want to invite you to a free event I am co-leading with Daniela Carraro to celebrate the solar eclipse and the ushering in of the next six month cycle. Details are below but please email me at if you want to be a part of this event. Space is limited to 100 people.
Uranus (the great awakener and planet that triggers earthquakes and lightning bolts) will station retrograde on August 7 until January 6th, 2019, the very same day as the next solar eclipse in Capricorn. On Tuesday, this will give us six planets retrograde on the same day that the moon is void (stay grounded), including Mercury, Mars, Saturn, Neptune and Pluto.
Having six planets retrograde is a very rare occurrence, happening only less than 1% of the time, that’s 2/3 of one percent. Mars is not only retrograde but also out-of-bounds for three days (allowing for the energy to be unconstrained by other planets), adding to the intensity of the chaotic collective energy we are all creating. As the god of war, Mars energy stimulates  extremism at this time, creating an atmosphere ripe for accidents and outbursts of focused anger.
A shooting in Trader Joe’s, earthquakes, and political volatility escalating, all exemplified this in recent weeks. The dominant planetary energy will be fixed, very Taurus in nature. Taurus’ hate change. Wherever the planet Taurus is or rules in your natal chart may be where you resist change and seek external security the most. These six planets retrograde bring a feeling of being stuck, or mired down as forward progress seems difficult at best, due to unexpected delays and roadblocks. If I were the universe and I wanted humans to take a break from DOING so much and focus on BEING, I would have planned it this way. Spend as much time as you can for the next 10 days, releasing the past and all your old stories about yourself. Emotional and mental detoxing is the doing to be doing.
Further, it is always important to be uber aware when either Mercury or Mars are retrograde, but because we have four days that the moon is void next week (which by itself can make people spacy, feisty, and unaware as they drive the freeways, and apparently… do their food shopping!), please move more slowly, meditate daily if you can, drink lots of water laced with trace minerals, chant Om to yourself all day long and commune with nature. Get your cute little dew beaters (look that one up!) into Mother Earth as much as possible.
What also to do: I would invite you to make a point on Aug 3, 7th, 9th, and 11th( the spaciest days)  to visualize extending your auric field out by 3-6 ft in a bubble of light safe and loved by all whom you come into contact with while projecting that to others as well as you move through your life while your root chachra is connected downward toward Gaia.
Although the new moon solar eclipse is on August 11 at 2:57AM PDT, it immediately goes void until 9:30 PM PDT, that night. What we know about the energy of intentions is that because the moon rules our emotional body, we won’t feel the crystallization of the intention until it reaches the sign of Virgo. When the moon is void, there isn’t the fire of connectivity that happens when it aspects another planet.
So, once again, to support all of you, I am co-leading a 90 – minute invocation and workshop on Sunday morning, August 12th with Daniela Carraro, a gifted healer and Qi Gong master teacher. This is my gift to you. Space is limited so sign up and we will send the link for this online event:
 I will cover what the energy of this summer is bringing and how to use it in the Fall, the significance of these three eclipses that we wont see again for 2 hundred years, and how to receive the archetypes of Cancer, Leo, and Aquarius through these three eclipses as they are imprinted in your very own matrix. We both will be taking you through very powerful visualizations to bring this new energy deep into your cells.  When you sign up, you will have an opportunity to send us your intention for the next six months that will be weaved into our sacred energetic basket that you begin to step into when you sign up.
As this is a solar eclipse in Leo, the archetype that rules play, come play with us in this powerful circle where desires and rewiring can be manifested quickly in the next six months! Contact me asap through for the link. This will fill up.
Molto Amore,
Dr. Toni