What I Learned From Vittorio De Sica About Change

  Last night I went to this amazing theatre in San Francisco called The Castro where they were doing a retrospective on Vittorio De Sica’s greatest four films.  Twenty years ago, a friend who was an independent filmmaker told me that De Sica had made this amazing film that won the Oscar for best foreign film in 1972 called The Garden of the Finzi-Contini and that if I ever had the opportunity to see it on a big screen to make sure I caught it.…READ MORE

7 Steps For Dealing With the Current Economic Disaster

7 Steps For Dealing With the Current Economic Disaster By Toni Galardi, Ph.D. Americans alike are struggling with the current economic disaster. No one group of people is immune to the financial woes this country is currently facing. Dr. Toni Galardi, better recognized as The LifeQuake™ Doctor, has been consulting her clients on how to cope with these massive multilayered changes since this domino effect began infiltrating our economy.…READ MORE

Procrastination-Is it an Addiction or a Habit?

Last night I was interviewed on Tom Cox’s radio show “Tom on Leadership” on the subject of procrastination. It got a huge response. My newsletter “Dr. Toni’s Five Minute Tips” also got a huge response so am including it here in my blog as well Tom’s blog which includes his summary of the four speakers on the subject.…READ MORE

Volunteerism: The New Career Transition Strategy

A journalist for The Los Angeles Times recently asked me if I thought volunteering for a non-profit organization could help a person in career transition or career burnout. I replied without hesitation, yes! Now there are the obvious ways it can help: networking at high ticket charity events, brownie points on your resume’ so you can substantiate just what you did with your time this year while you’re out of work, and if you’re just getting out of school or the mommy track, well, giving it away for free may be your only option to getting work experience for a beginning resume’.…READ MORE

Changing Careers in a Bad Economy

  Conventional wisdom and the media would have you believe that if you have a job, thank your lucky stars and don’t even think about leaving it. In previous blogs, I have been giving stress management techniques for handling a crisis driven workplace and they will work to get you calmer and perhaps even help you to turn within instead of to the office muffins or donuts.…READ MORE

Social Community Addiction: How to Know If You Need Help

  This is my third blog on the shadow side of social communities. I read an interesting article on the marketplace blog, see link below about how social communities may be infringing on the writer’s life, in terms of productivity. The author of this article took a break from her internet addiction and found she was meeting her deadlines more effectively.…READ MORE

Heaven on Earth: How to Transform Chaos and Seeming Loss

  A friend of mine, Martin Rutte who co-wrote Chicken Soup for the Soul at Work contributed to my new book The LifeQuake Phenomenon. One of his pet projects is a foundation he calls Project Heaven on Earth. One of the steps is to think back on a time when you experienced heaven on earth.…READ MORE

Adapting to Sudden Upsets: Today, your life, tomorrow, the world

See the products page for the whole CD. Implied in the words “stress management” is the idea that the key to calm is controlling your stress. As an advocate of prevention, I know that the key to managing stress is having the ability to handle whatever is being thrown at you – to say yes to sudden change.…READ MORE

Feeling Stuck? Need a Change: How to choose a “Shrink”

Whether you are already in therapy or feeling the need for a professional to guide you through these rapidly changing times, it can get confusing as to when to see a coach, a career counselor, a psychiatrist, or a psychotherapist. Here are six tips to assist you in making the right decision: 1)     Do you have insurance?  …READ MORE